Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sounds From The A Town

Loose Screws - Hell On Dry Land

This Atlanta trio consists of Slim Goody, KT and P Fonk. "Hell On Dry Land" is a solid album throughout. It was released in 1996 on Power/ Triad Records and features artists such as Skitzo, Big Frizz and The Hard Boyz. The album has several producers including one track by Blackjack, surprisingly this album goes dirt cheap on ebay and is definately worth picking up. The chosen track on here is "Owner Of A Hot Slug" which is pretty much just a gangsta track talking about slangin' and cappin'.

C.O.D. - Straight From The Underground
C.O.D. which stands for Comin' Out Dangerous and not to be confused with the C.O.D. that consists of K Rino, Dope E and K.O. from Houston's South Park Coalition, these guys hail from Bankhead, ATL. The duo is made up of Itch Bound and B-Hard and are produced by Theodore 'EasyLee' Moye from Treacherous Three fame. I've never heard Ice T mention these guys, but in the title track, which I have uploaded, they mention "EasyLee put us down, Ice T labeled us Syndicate", the fast paced verses are segregated by some sick scratching. This album dropped in 1993 on Select Street Records and unfortunately has been lost amongst thousands of other albums ever since.

Parental Advisory - Ghetto Street Funk
This 1993 album is the debut from the successful Atlanta group who featured on the CB4 soundtrack. I'm not sure what the deal with the members are, K-Axe, K.S.L. and 66 Mello are the members of the group on this album although on later albums the members are K.P. who I think might be K-Axe, Mello who is obviously 66 with Big Reese, either way they're all dope albums. The track uploaded is "Ghetto Head Hunta" which was produced by Organized Noize as is the whole album with a bit of help from Toomp and Parental Advisory themselves.

Sniper Unit - Burnt Up City
My brother picked this up for me a few weeks ago and I don't know shit about them. The members are Big L (obviously not the) and Swift and the album features artists such as MC Breed,Cool Breeze Hurricane, Back Bone, Sir Charles and T-Double. It's an above average album from 1996 on the Atlanta label Conquest. My favourite track is "EP Party" which is the track I put on. It has a fair few good tracks but also has it's share of average tracks too.

Royal C - Roll Out The Red Carpet
Royal C is from Atlanta figure heads The Hard Boy's, who have released classics like "A-Town Hard Heads" and "Trapped In The Game". "Roll Out The Red Carpet" came out in 1996 on Epic Street and although it is far from classic it is a solid album with a range of different tracks scattered through the 15 deep playlist. "They Don't Want None" is the track I've chosen to upload from this album, Royal C's style on this track is reminiscent of classic MC Ren sound.

Loose Screws - Owner Of A Hot Slug
C.O.D. - Straight From The Underground
Parental Advisory - Ghetto Head Hunta
Sniper Unit - EP Party
Royal C - They Don't Want None


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