Saturday, May 20, 2006

Juvenile Style

One of the safest ways in the movie industry to make sure you won't have a long term career is to become a chid actor. With actors like Gary Coleman and Macaulay Culkin proving that when you let your nuts hang the lights go out. Maybe not with female actors though with Drew Barrymore and those Olsen hoes going on to bigger careers. Hip hop is a little different because it was formed from youth and even to this day shit loads of artists are barely 20 when they drop their first album. However with kiddie rappers about 90% who come out will have 15 minutes of fame and never be heard of again.

Native Tongue Posse's Chi Ali is a perfect example with his career going down hill even before he was publicized on Americas Most Wanted and then getting locked up for murder. Kriss Kross were a huge fad at the time but their second album was a flop, Wu-Tangs shyheim hasn't exactly been blowing up the scene in recent years, The Young Black Teenagers (YBT) and Da Youngstas is the same deal. Even Funky Gripsta from the Rhyme Syndicate who had a solo track on Ice T's "Home Invasion" and then went on to feature on South Central Cartel's "N Gatz We Truss" under the name Gripsta has been a flop and she had help from the O.G. himself. Down South's First Born didn't last too long either even with an early feature from Young Buck and the Geto Boys Willie D couldn't save this group from fading out.

Although, on the other hand rappers like Esham who started rapping at 13 has had a huge underground career both as a solo artist and in the group Natas. One of, if not the dopest juvenile groups would be Juvenile Committee from Watts, CA who released their debut on "Grand Jury Records" the same label that released the "We're All In The Same Gang" anti-gang compilation. The album was called "Free Us Colored Kids" (F.U.C.K.) and features an appearence by DJ Quik and fellow Watts artists O.F.T.B. They since changed their name to Known Fellons and appeared on O.F.T.B.'s "Return Of The West" compilation which dropped in '98.

Other artists who actually had talent are Rap-A-Lot's 2 Low who dropped "Funky Lil' Brother" in '93 and I think appeared on Lil' Troy's "Sittin' Phat Down South" (if I remember correctly?) and fellow Rap-A-Lot artists, the 5th Ward Juvenilez who dropped "Deadly Groundz" in '95. Baby D who got his fame from rapping with Too Short has had a decent little rap career since.

With hip hop now well into it's 4th decade i'm sure alot more rappers will have father/son collabs like Lil' Troy with his son T2. Unfortunately Eazy E never lived to do the same with the prince of Compton Lil' E. I'm sure i've missed out on dozens more child rappers (I'm not even gonna go near Master P's son Lil' Romeo and Snoops Cousin Lil' Bow Wow) but these are the one that I thought of on a Sunday morning. Who knows maybe some of these artists have since came out and reinvented themselves under a new name and are getting some success and are keeping their previous careers a skeleton in their closet?

5th Ward Juvenilez - No Conscious
Juvenile Committee - Juvenile Hall
First Born ft. Willie D - Keep It Gangsta
Funky Gripsta - Funky Gripsta
Baby D - Can I Get Loose
2 Low ft 2 Clean, Deshira, Gage, Endo, 5th Ward Juvenilez, Kilo & Red Dog - Comin' Up


frank said...

I like checking in nearly daily and finding new articals and downloads. I also like the style of music you like. Cheers frank

BULLANT said...

Cheers man, It all comes down to the type of beats you're into, unfortunately you, me and other like minded heads are in the minority with the type of hip hop we listen to. Keep listening to the REAL.

Anonymous said...

i agree. i am from the old school and i ony appreciate quality hip hop. i 100% think your reviews etc are spot on for my kind of style. keep up the good beats. Frank

rykz said...

werd up streetz on beats crew. luvn the undaground gangsta shit. peace out much appreciate