Saturday, May 06, 2006

Flashbacks From The East

Brokin English Klik - Brokin English Klik
Hailing from New York this classic is from Phase and Mack 10 who go under the Brokin English Klik banner. The album was released in 93' on Wild Pitch who were a pretty universal label signing artists from all around the states like The Coup from Oakland and Street Millitary from Texas. This has a typical east coast sound to it but is alot harder than most early 90's east stuff. The track I've put up is "Who's Da Gangsta" which is pretty much a cop diss track claiming that a blue uniform with a gun is just like any other set of gangsta's around, just with a badge.

Class A Felony - Class A Felony

Another 93' New York release was this under rated gem from DJ Stitches and the late Edward Dumar Israel who was murdered just after finishing this album. Half this album is produced by the 45 King and even has the last track "I Can't Take No More" produced by Diamond D. DJ Stitches has since started off the crew Waxwerkz 11701 which is a crew of DJ's and producers. The track from this is a 45 King cut called "Warriors Come Out To Play" and you may have guessed contains samples from The Warriors, fuckin' dope.

Son Of Bazerk - Son Of Bazerk Ft. No Self Control And The Band

Alright this is one fuckin' weird album, Oh Word reviewed this a while back and mentioned the James Brown homage on the cover and the style of the rapping but man I can honestly say that this 91' release is one of the most original sounding albums I have ever heard. It's another Bomb Squad production and at some points Bazerk almost sounds a little Chuck D'ish. The track I'm chucking on is one of the singles that they dropped for the album "Change The Style" where the track changes style several times throughout the track.

Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic - Playin' Foolz

Smokin Suckaz emcees, Ajoe and G both have incredible voices,one of them kind of reminds me of the Tuff Crew's Overlord, mad scratchin' by Spank Dog and all live funky percussion by Mr Watts, D-Smooth and Money Mike and not that important but always a plus, this is a well packaged product with all the lyrics printed in the paperwork and has dope cover art. All tracks are sick and has no faults. If your into the Goats style in "No Goats No Glory" you'd love this 93' epic release which is simular in style but better.

Dana Dane - 4 Ever

Probably best known for his hits "Cinderfella" and "Nightmares" the Brooklyn lyricist always comes with funky smooth raps over any beat. I think this is his second album which is from 90' on Profile and has some production by Hurby Luv Bug and Fresh Gordon. Dana has recently dropped a new album called "Back In Your Life" that I'd be keen to hear to see if he can keep up with the times. My chosen track from this one is "Tales From The Dane Side" and if you've never heard Dana before and you hear this I promise I didn't fuck up and put a Slick Rick track instead.


Brokin English Klik - Who's Da Gangsta
Class A Felony - Warriors Come Out To Play
Son Of Bazerk - Change The Style
Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic - Thingz Change
Dana Dane - Tales From The Dane Side


Geoff P said...

you feature some great artisits here!
Geoff P

Frank said...

i think this is the best site on the web and thanks for all the songs. cheers frank

BULLANT said...

Thanks for the props, It's always good to get some feedback. Thanks for checking it out.


travis said...

SOB....ahhhhh, one of my all-time favorite albums. I love that Bomb Squad sound...pure noise, chaos, and utter pandomonium.

I might have to track down that Class A Felony, it's one of those albums I've seen all over the place but never picked up. Never realized there was a Diamond D track on it.

Anonymous said...

I picked up the single from this Dana Dane album called "A Little Bit of Dane Tonight", which is an absolutely horrid track, hopefully the rest of the album isn't as repulsive as that, but if I were you I would stick to the first album DANA DANE WITH FAME. Someone sent me a link to the new Dana Dane, interesting he drops his phony British accent now.. -djrun