Monday, May 29, 2006

R.I.P. Fat Pat

Rest In Peace:
Fat Pat (S.U.C.)

Real Name: Patrick Lamont Hawkins
Hailing From: Houston, Texas
Born: 21 February 1971
Died: 3 February 1998
Cause of Death: Shot outside his promoters apartment.

Fat Pat was one of the original members of the legendary Screwed Up Click. With lots of speculation on who killed Pat (that I don't want to write) the S.U.C. have lost a few of their soldiers in recent years with Big Steve, DJ Screw and of course a few weeks ago Pat's brother, H.A.W.K. all passing away, Peace goes out to all their friends, fans and family.

Fat Pat - Throwed In The Game (1998)
Fat Pat - Greatest Hits (2001)
Fat Pat - Since The Gray Tapes (2004)
Fat Pat - Since The Gray Tapes Vol 2 (2005)
Fat Pat - Ghetto Dreams (2005)

Fat Pat - 25 Lighters

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