Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bank Gankers

Back in '91 after Mac Dre (R.I.P.) released his debut E.P. "Whats Really Goin' On" with the track "Punk Police". On the track Dre disses the Vallejo Police chief by name and also on the E.P. gives a shout out to the Romper Room Gang that were wanted by police on suspicion of robbing several banks around the area. Dre was arrested and charged with bank robbery after he was seen riding in a car with a member of the Romper Room Gang by the F.B.I. He served 5 years in prison and was released in '96.

Philadelphia's Cool C and Steady B are serving life sentences for robbing a bank and killing a female cop back in '96. After success in the early '90's with rappers from the Dangerous Crew and then signing to Paris' Scarface Records and even acting in "Menace II Society" Oakland rapper Pooh Man ended up addicted to heroin and caught robbing a Walgreens drug store in '94 in his hometown of Oakland. After spending 36 months of a 5 year sentence in San Quentin prison he moved to Modesto CA and a few years later still on parole he started robbing jewelry stores and banks along with four other guys. After local paper the "Oakland Tribune" dedicated a story to all the recent robberies in the Modesto area police started a stake out on Pooh Man and after he wa s seen fleeing another bank robbery the F.B.I. started a huge man hunt to capture him. Pooh Man lead the police on a huge chase and even knocked on a mans door and stole his shirt off his back trying to change his appearence to evade the police. Pooh Man was caught and sent to prison.

Ronald Blackwell, better known as Sprigg Nice from the Queens New York group The Lost Boyz, was arrested and on the 16th of January 2004 sentenced to 37 years in a federal prison after he and 3 other men robbed 10 banks in the New Jersey area. They robbed banks in Middlesex, Mercer, Burlington and Monmouth Countries. The courts described the robberies as some of the most violent seen in New Jersey in recent years.

Here are a few tracks with the same theme.........

Eazy E - Nobody Move
57th Street Rogue Dog Villians - Get The Fuck Down
Facemob - Bank Robbery

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