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Review: Insane Poetry - Grim Reality

Insane Poetry
Album: Grim Reality
Year: 1992
Label: Nastymix Records

Late '93 or early '94 my brother and myself caught the train into town and went into what used to be a mad underground hip hop shop "Central Station". We went through the racks of known and not so known cd's when Insane Poetry's Grim Reality caught his eye. My brother is a huge horror fan and the name along with the cover made him want to have a demo listen, we skipped the intro and went straight into the next track "Angel Of Death", a few seconds in the disc was sold without listening to the next track, and now about twelve years later this is still one of the best albums I have ever heard and has probably had the most effect on me because it proved that the most unknown of hip hop groups can be packin' the most skills.

Insane Poetry was formed by Andew Holiman (Drew Rock) who went to Chicago and started a group called "His Majesti" along with Shakespere, Emdee and DJ Streak. They released a few tracks on Egyptian Lover's "Egyptian Empire" label before moving to L.A. and changing their name to I.P. (named by General Jeff) They released a tape only E.P. and then signed to Nastymix Records due to their ties with other Nastymix artists Rodney O, Joe Cooley and General Jeff but without Shakespere in the group. Drew Rock appeared on fellow Nitebreed artists K.M.C.'s "No Title For This" on the '91 Priority gem "Three Men With The Power Of Ten" (reviewed a few weeks ago) Drew Rock also apeared on a few tracks on Rodney O & Joe Cooley's "Get Ready To Roll" album including a couple of B' side tracks like "You Don't Wanna Run Up Remix" and "Get Down With The Lyrical Strangla" which is pretty much an advertisement for the up coming album. During this time Drew Rock changed his name to "Psycho".

Grim Reality starts off with "Welcome To The Grim Side" which is just an intro to let you know that the album is split into two halves, the "Grim" side and the "Reality" side. This is followed by "Angel Of Death", it doesn't take you long to realize that this isn't your average everyday hip hop group, the track is a fast paced track with every line about killing, killing and killing but the raps are sick as is the beat. Next is probably Insane Poetry's most know track "How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho" This track was originally done on his '88 tape but with a few different lyrics and an extra verse than the one on here. This ranks up there with the dopest tracks I've ever heard, the beat is crazy with Hitchcocks "Psycho" theme cutting in on the hooks, incredible lines throughout setting the theme to picture in your head of a maniac walking down the streetys of L.A. looking for people to slaughter, "Im a serial killer on the loose yes, and the cops dont know where im gonna strike next" and it doesn't take long for him to find some.

"The House That Dripped Blood" which is named after an old Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing horror movie is next and is on the same style, this track has a nice hook of DJ Streak cutting up the groups name in between fast paced, well written raps. Next is "Choppin' Up A Body" which is just a interlude of Psycho doing the obvious with the score from the "Psycho 3" soundtrack playing in the background. "If Rymes Could Kill" which is used as the b' side to "How Ya......" on the 12" is next and is a nice track but by no way the best on this album although is a good lead up to "Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter" and for anybody who is familiar with this album would remember the hook from this one pretty easily and DJ Streak looping a Ice T sample. Up until now you would have made up your mind whether you like this album or not because the lyrical content is all pretty much the same, killing people, but for those who like it would fuckin' love it, and the next track "Stalking With The Nitebreed" is up there with the best posse track ever recorded. The track features "Tee Thee O.G. from K.M.C. "Evil One" and "D.A.L.(Psycho's brother) who are Death B.L.O., "Shakespere The One Man Riot" who was originally a member of His Majesti and Insane Poetry, "Joe Cooley", "The Lyrical Pimp Emdee" and of course "Psycho" himself, the track pretty much finishes off where "Roll Call" from Rodney O & Joe Cooley's "Get Ready To Roll" album finishes off.

The reality side starts off with an intro ("The Horror Facts") about having no cures for manic depressives and AIDS and about the four cops found not guilty for beating Rodney King among other things and then busts into to the title track which is all about these issues proving that Psycho is just as capable talking about world issues as he is about kicking horror raps. Next is "Six In The Chamber" that uses the Ice T sample for "Six In The Mornin" and is a def track with alot of meaning to it. "Till Death Do Us Part" is about a relationship breakup that Psycho can't handle and end with him out to kill her on a "if I can't have her nobody can" mentality."One Careless Moment" about AIDS "Raise The Devil" and "Manic Depressive" are also pretty crazy tracks the latter about a fired manic depressive employee returning with a gat to his former work and going on a war path before killing himself. The album ends with "Exit Reality Side" which is Psycho describing how the "Reality Side" is where we are today ('92) and the "Grim Side" is where we are heading. It also has the bonus track "How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho" remix. Over all this is dope, all the beats are crazy with some production by Joe Cooley. Over the past 13 years since this was released Psycho almost released the "Aint Got No Brain Cells" album in '94, released "Blacc Plague" with Pope in '96, signed to "Ill Boogie" and released a 3 track and a 12" battle record with Iriscience from dialated Peoples who Psycho destroyed around 2000 and then he changed the spelling of his name from Psycho to Cyco and released the 2003 up dated version of Grim Reality with the classic "Faith In Chaos". Cyco is still working on his next album "Falling From Grace" . Check the AUGUST ARCHIVES for more info in the interview emvee did with Cyco.

Insane Poetry - How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho
Insane Poetry ft. the Nitebreed - Stalking With The Nitebreed

Rating: 5 Daytons out of 5


emdee said...

Stalkin' With The Nitebreed
Kaotic Minds Corruptin' (KMC)
Death BLO
Shakespeare The One Man Riot
Joe Cooley
EmDee (Mad Dog)
Psyho (Cyco, Drew-Rock)

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whattup w/ a whole album rip homie?