Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Review: SPM - The 3rd Wish (To Rock The World)

South Park Mexican
Album: The 3rd Wish (To Rock The World)
Year: 1999
Label: Dope House Records

Wrongly accused Carlos Coy better known as the South Park Mexican or SPM released 8 solo albums and this one is up there with his best and with the underground success it had ended up being the reason that he got hooked up with Universal (which may not have been the best thing?).

The opening track is the hit single "High So High" that has a a sick beat produced by Grimm's brother Shadow. Next up is "Latin Throne" that was used for the dvd's of the same name that showcases some of the dopest chicano rappers from accross the country, this is another sick track with some crazy lyrics throughout. "The 3rd Wish" is next up and is probably my favourite track, The third verse starts up where he left off on "Revenge" off of "Hillwood Mastermind" and is one of the best verses SPM has ever rapped (in my opinion anyway, check the mp3) "Loyal Customers" has a fuckin' psycho beat although a very simular beat is used on "Mash Confusion" by A-1 produced by "Bosko" both from '99?, the track has a nice verse from Dope House artist Rasheed and pretty much uses the metaphore that the music is dope and the fans are his loyal dope fiend customers, it's been done before but not quite like this.

"Creep With Me" is next and probably my least favourite track because for some reason the hook gets on my nerves? "Thug Girl" is good and features Honduran Low G and one of the best female rappers Pimpstress, another single from this album is "Wiggy" featuring Latino Velvets Vallejo to Texas rapper Baby Beesh in his pre top 40 days, it's a mad track with a mad beat. To cut a long review short it has another 9 tracks (16 in total) my best ones are "Land Of The Lost" which is a slow track of stories of young Mexicans that end up down the wrong path due to the way the system is set out for browns. "Hillwood Hustlaz" which is my other favourite track is incredible and has a crazy Rasheed verse, there arn't too many rappers that can string as many bars together using one rhyme than Carlos.

There is also a version of LL's "Going Back To Cali'' in "The Valley" only this version is about picking up dope and bringing it back to South Park and the Rasheed solo "Reminisce". Most of the last tracks are a bit slower like "Miss Perfect" which features Ikeman who also features on "Don't Hide It" with Bing and Grimm. This also has a few cuts produced by Happy Perez and as usual his beats are quality.

Overall the album is mad, I can't work out what's my favourite SPM album but either way if you buy any SPM album you won't be dissapointed. FREE SPM!

SPM - The 3rd Wish
SPM - Hillwood Hustlaz

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5


TexasHeater said...

Man SPM was a good rapper in my opinion. I know a lot of people thought his rhymes where elementary, but who cares. I liked em.


Anonymous said...

On paper the rhymes were good but nothing special but his style and delivery was what seperated him from most of the others.