Saturday, December 03, 2005

Review: Willie Dee - Controversy

Artist: Willie Dee
Album: Controversy
Year: 1989
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records

This is Willie Dee's first album and it's up there with the best shit he's released. It starts off with the original solo version of "Do It Like A G.O." that later in '89 was re-recorded for the Geto Boys "Grip It! On That Other Level". The original version is easily as good as the re-makes, Next up is "Fuck The KKK" the theme of the track is self explanitory and has a mad beat as does the next track "Kick That Shit".

One of my favourite tracks is next up, "Willie Dee", starting off with sirens and cops over the radio and then busting straight in is angry-as-fuck Dee. The tracks about people trying to fuck with him like the H.P.D. "I aint getting played like a sucker, by no do-nut eating ticket writing mother fucker" The hook is the old pimp theme of girls saying "Willie Dee". My other favourite track is straight after, "Put The Fuckin' Gun Away" sick beats,rhymes ("put the fuckin' gun away and take up karate, coz you don't wanna shoot no god damn body") and a crazy hook. "5th Ward" is a sick track about his neighbourhood with some nice samples and mixing from DJ Reddy Redd, "Bald Head Hoes" is a funny track about just that - bald ass hoes.The 12 track album ends with a couple of sex rhymes "I Need Some Pussy" and "Fuck Me Now" both good tracks infact there is not a track on this album that is worse than "good". It has good beats throughout and overall the production by by DJ Reddy Redd and Prince Johnny C is alright but the main thing this album has got going for it is Willie Dee's ferocious don't give a fuck attack on the mic as he has done in every track since this.

If it wasn't for Willie Dee and this album, hip hop in Houston would be a little different because Rap-A-Lot records owner Lil' J went to Dee and asked him to be in the "Ghetto Boys". Willie Dee accepted but the original members thought his lyrics were too hard and gave J the proposition "either us or Dee", J made his decision and the Ghetto Boys had a new line up. Midget dancer Little Billy who changed his name to Bushwick Bill, DJ Akshen changed his name to Scarface and Willie dropped the "ee's" to just "D" formed the next chapter in the Geto Boys. They released "Grip It! On That Other Level" and the rest is history. Alot of the early Rap-A-Lot albums are worth a heap on ebay and amazon and this one is up there with the most pricey ones.

Willie Dee - Put The Fuckin' Gun Away
Willie Dee - Willie Dee

Rating: 4 Daytons out of 5


TexasHeater said...

Easily one of my all-time favorite albums. One of the songs not mentioned was "Kinky"
"I'm a Kinky muthafucker and I aint ashamed to let you bitches run a train. Yall can take turns licking my dick, while I sit back and watcha porno flick"
This song is one of my favorite 'Nasty' songs.

oz jay said...

geto boys and willie d rock man

i saw that movie with willie d and the lady of rage, forgot the name but it was ok

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed every rapper thinks he's a oscar nominee???

TexasHeater said...

I have that movie. It's called 'Thug Life'. To bad D didn't have a bigger role in that. Willie-D is one of the top 5 all-time MC's