Saturday, December 17, 2005

Random Australian Tour Flix

Here are a selected few flix of some hip hop shows from Adelaide, Australia from the past couple of years.

Click the pics to enlarge them.

Kool Keith
(Shopping in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Dec 5 2003)

(Adelaide, Planet Nightclub, Dec 5 2003)

Kool Keith in his first of two appearences in Australia with his cousin (not legally) Marc Live of Raw Breed and SMG put on a mad show in front of a packed crowd.

Cypress Hill
(Adelaide, Heaven Nightclub, Dec 8 2003)

Cypress first came to Australia in '94 with Cube for the Coca-Cola teenage rampage show and 9 years later returned for this incredible second show infront of a no-room-to-move show. They came back a year later for another mad show.

Public Enemy
(Adelaide, Heaven Nightclub, Dec 9 2003)

This show was the third hip hop show in 5 days (following the Kool Keith & Cypress shows) and went for over 3 hours to end P.E.'s 50th tour and 4th to Australia, and should be coming for their 5th in April.

The Beatnuts
(Psycho Les, Heaven Nightclub, 21 March 2004)

G.M. Roc Raida
(Post-Show Autographs, Heaven Nightclub, 21 March 2004)

The Beatnuts, G.M. Roc Raida and DJ Craze came in 2004 for an alright show although a little too short.

Sugar Hill Gang
(Heaven Nightclub, 2 April 2004)

In front of about 50 people (with about 40 of them using free tickets) the hip hop biters turned up to tell us how much they have done in hip hop and how much we owe them although strangely enough forgot to inform the crowd how this manafactured group bit their material... a slip of the mind i'm sure?

Digital Underground
(Instore Signing - B Sharp Records, Adelaide, 26 February 2005)

Bay rap legends Shock G and Money B toured Oz along with Metaphysical and DJ Nu Stylez and although the show itself had a few technical problems as well as shortened show due to another act being booked afterwards the pre show instore signing at B Sharp records was a great memory with these guys showing that they don't have their heads up their arses like alot of other artists. Shock has since retired from the rap game which makes us even luckier we seen them when we did.

DJ Kool Herc
(Heaven Nightclub, 22 October 2004)

Probably the worst promotion to any hip hop show, the godfather of hip hop creeped into town to perform infront of about 40 people (that is including bar staff and security). There was 2 other hip hop shows the same night but that is still no excuse for the almost non existant crowd. He did a crazy set, I feel sorry for all that missed it.

Tim Dog
(Fowlers Live, 19 May 2005)

At the start of the year I never expected to see Tim Dog perform in my city but i'm glad I did, he put on a mad show even giving a rest in peace to the late Eazy E before performing "Fuck Compton". There was tension in the crowd both in and out of the club (those who were there know what I mean) ...... Incredible show.


bill said...


I'm a little confused, is this site made by an aussie??


EMVEE1 said...

Yeah. Adelaide,South Australia.

Where are you located?


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