Monday, September 17, 2007

Ice T - Return Of The Real (Original Version)

Alotta Ice T fans rate 96' 'Return Of The Real', one of Ice's worst albums, I personally find it up there with his best. It's got alotta hard tracks like 'They Want Me Back In' and 'The Lane' and has dope production by Rhyme Poetic Mafias JEL. Recently I was shocked with the news that back before Priority/RSR released the album there was actually another version put forward to the label that got turned back. A label called 'Boo Muzick' has the rights to the original version and has 500 individually numbered promo copies in circualation. EMVEE is the proud owner of number119.

If you have ever heard DJ Aladins, '$port Your Vest In The West' compilation you'd be familiar with the dope Ice T & L.P. track 'Down With Us', well this is the album it was originally intended for. It also contains a different intro and another 7 tracks that differ from the final version, although one track has the same lyrics to a track that made the final version with a completely different beat, and I'm way too lazy to check which track that is at the minute.

This post is for any Ice T fan who like me a couple of months back was oblivious to this existing. and now can click a button and hear some dope tracks that has evaded us for over a decade. Note, the tracks I put up are all the tracks that didn't make the final cut, the promo version still has another 5 tracks but are on the final version.

Ice T MP3's:
File # 143 (Intro)
To Live And Die In L.A.
Groups Of Ghetto Bastards
Press Your Luck
Down With Us
Here I Go Again
Ballin Bitch I Knew
Fuck That Shit
Victim Of The Criminal Zone


SKITZO said...

Man, this is fukken incredible...I got 'Return Of The Real' when it was first released...never knew there was an original version....

growing up on Ice T's music...I heard him grow over the years on the mic...'Return Of the Real' wasn't his best work...but still a solid release...The Ice Berg Slim of the Crime Rhyme has never put out anything weak...

lookin forward to hearing this one...appreciate it boyz

pimp said...

FUCK YEAH!!! This is even better then the album. Thanks guys!

When I first heard the album "Return Of the Real" I did not like it that much but their was few tracks I liked right away like "The Lane". But the more times I played it the mmore I liked it. I can understand why its one of your favorite album by him. Their was a good amount of time between " Home Invasion" and this one. And it was nice to heard that Ice-T still had it.

That was a great Insane Poetry post too guys!

The Gosub Routine said...

i'm very interested to hear these tracks.
moments like this don't happen every day.
Many thanks.


BULLANT said...

Make sure you let me know what you thought of 'em.

Anonymous said...

My favourite track on that 'Return Of The Real' album, is the track Rap Game's Hijacked

Thomas Rock said...

dope shit - fckin love this blog

I know I have the unreleased album, but just paying my respects


Anonymous said...

Dope! I never knew of this either.

Been a long time fan of Ice's. I liked "Return of the Real" when it was released, save the "slow" songs and skits.

Wonder why Ice has never mentioned this? He is always quick to speak his mind.

Thanks for upping this.

Anonymous said...

best shit i found on the internets in the last 6 months

TEMPA said...

I have Boo Muzik disc 003/500 of Return of the Real.
I used to know the guy who was personally given a copy of the original "Return of the Real" disc by Ice-T himself here in Australia. Ice told him he could make copies and distribute them so the guy got 500 copies professionally made and he sold them out of his record store here in Melbourne.

EMVEE said...

Yeah, that's where I got my copy. At Rare Records. Nice little rarity to have in the collection!

digitizer said...

Holy shit!! I had no idea! This is a great score. Thanks a lot!

Also, it's nice to hear from others who appreciated ROTR. I agree that it grows on you....also, I feel the same way about 7 Deadly Sins.

No amount of listening to "Gangsta Rap" works, however, IMHO!