Saturday, September 15, 2007

Insane Poetry - Fallen From Grace

First up sorry for the lack of posts (or none for that matter) over the last 4 weeks. Between Emvee's uni, me catching up on some tax returns, us going interstate for a small holiday, trying to organize some more important shit etc, there's been no time to do anything on the net except check my emails and myspace.

For anyone who knows the deal about Insane Poetry (and you should if you've been checking us out for a while) you'd would know that Cyco is not to be fucked with when it comes to murdering a mic, well after a long wait since the 2003 'Faith In Chaos' comes his new album 'Fallen From Grace'. Seriously I would never ever even think about promoting someones album on here or anywhere for that matter that I didn't think was a crazy fuckin' hard album. I've heard 9 tracks from this so far and have my copy hitting my letter box any day now, every single track is hard and real and is no doubt Insane Poetry at its best. Both the lyrics and the production are top notch.

I've chucked up 1 track from the album, 'Can You Feel My Pain' this track is sick but I've heard 3 or 4 tracks from 'Fallen From Grace' that are better (for me anyway), but seems as this was the track that Cyco put on his myspace for download that's the only one I feel comfortable putting up ('Heat' and 'Heartless' are crayzeee!). I've also chucked up a handfull of others that vary over the years, but are all non-album tracks. The 'On Deadly Ground' I put up is the 'Ill Boogie' version from his battle 12" against Dialated Peoples with DJ RIP One as his DJ, not the 'Blacc Plague'.

Hope you enjoy these tracks, check out Insane Poetry's myspace to get more of a feel for the new album and if you like what you hear, support a REAL underground artist and cop that shit!

On Deadly Ground (Ill Boogie 12" version)
Can't Flow With Us
Conversatan (ft. KGP)
Great Day To Die
Strange Days
Can You Feel My Pain (Fallen From Grace - 2007)


SKITZO said...

Can't go wrong with Insane Poetry...
always got classic gems on their releases...I.P's longevity is a timeless formula...horrorcore will never die...

from what I've heard from 'FALLEN FROM GRACE''s gonna be a fuckin winner, jus like all their previous titles..

it's albums like this that help me keep my faith in the modern era of hiphop...

cheers for the rip man

keep up the good work

BULLANT said...

Know you love this shit man... That's why I have faith that you're gonna rock my city when we bring these boys to our shores in 08.