Saturday, September 22, 2007

Carson City Kings

There isn't a great deal I can say about the Boo-Yaa Tribe except they're west coast hip hop royalty. Maybe not to in many peoples heads, but in mine. I grew up in the era when Boo-Yaa dropped 'New Funky Nation' (I know you remember the 'Raid' video) but when these crazy Piru ex-gangbanging Samoans (quit gangbanging in 1987 after their young brother 'Youngman' was shot and killed) released their second album 'Doomsday' with that gangsta mentality to it, they became one of my favourites. The Tribe consists of Samoan brothers, Ganxsta Ridd, Kobra, Monsta O (O.M.B.), Godfather, Murder One, E.K.A. and Gawtti who joined later. They had another album called 'Good Times, Bad Times' that was meant to come out in '92 that was never released, I think most of the tracks ended up on 'Doomsday'. Boo-Yaa also released 'Mentally Disturbed in '96.

Boo Yaa Tribe featured on Cypress Hills 'Hole In The Head', a track on Kid Frosts 'East Side Story'. In '92 Boo-Yaa Tribe did a track for the soundtrack of 'White Men Cant Jump' (soundtrack called 'White Men Cant Rap') called 'Area Code 213'. In '93 they teamed up with Faith No More for the Judgement Night soundtrack with the metal/rap track, 'Another Body Murdered' (track was better than the movie). In '95 the album 'Ocupation Hazardous was released, I have the vinyl which goes under the banner 'Ganxsta Ridd & The Otha Side' and Emvee has the cd version that goes by the 'Boo-Yaa Tribe' banner... fuck knows?

They dropped an album called 'Angry Samoans in 1997 which was a heavy metal album and returned with the hip hop album 'Mafia Lifestyle' in 2000 and 'West Koast Nostra' in 2003. Ganxsta Ridd did feature on Caz' album 'Goin Head Up' in 2002 and on 'Legends' from the 'True Crime soundtrack (also appeared on West Koast Nostra). It's a rare thing to hear a Boo-Yaa Tribe feature on someones album. The Boo-Yaa Tribes history isn't the average background of a hip hop crew, their music career started in Japan as the 'Blue City Crew' before returning to the U.S. to start their Boo-Yaa Tribe career (which stands for Too Rough International Boo-Yaa Empire) I've read stories about them getting in a gun fight with Tone Loc after a music awards night and that classic story of Dee Barnes hiring Boo-Yaa to get Dr Dre after Dre beat on Dee for playing that Ice Cube, NWA diss to NWA when they were on her show. I'm eagerly awaiting the new album by Ganxsta Ridd and Regime member, Monsta Ganjah called 'wesperados' that will be dropping in the coming months.
Here's footage of the Boo Yaa Tribe (then known as the Blue City Crew) from the 1983 Rainbow West Coast hip hop documentary 'Breakin' N Enterin' (best documentary ever made and also features Ice T, Egyptian Lover and Chris The Glove Taylor)

Boo-Yaa Tribe MP3's:
Boo-Yaa Tribe - Area Code 213 (1992 from White Men Can't Rap)
Boo-Yaa Tribe and Faith No More - Another Body Murdered (1993 from Judgement Night)
Boo-Yaa Tribe - Gang Related (1994 from Doomsday)
Boo-Yaa Tribe - Chilling On The West Side (1995 from Occupation Hazardous)
Caz ft Ganxsta Ridd - N A Real Way (2002 from Goin Head Up



Anonymous said...

Were is the "gettin' RIDD of MC's" vinyl rip thats on the B-side of RAID 12"???? its not on the album.
You guys are slippin.

BULLANT said...

haha, Afeks, at least sign in as your blogger account. Come round mine during the week with your lappy and rip it off my twelve then? I'm on holidays for the rest of the week.


SKITZO said...

1st heard Boo Yaa Tribe back in of my mates had it on wax...took me a few years to get into it...but now the collection wouldn't be the same without em...I still reckon Boo-Yaa never got the full recognition they deserved...but their longevity shows true heads of hiphop will always keep the name alive

got some sicc tracks here man..over a decade of dope

keep em comin

Anonymous said...

Sup killaz! If possible make one past n post this musicz of the flash player, the 6 songz, this shit is crazy! Much luv from Brazil!

BULLANT said...

Hey Gooxe, Thanks for your words and definately thanks for commenting. As for the mp3 player requests..... we'll get some of those tracks somehow in a post real soon, except the K Rino one, sorry but no Rino downloads on here.


Gooxe said...

Ok, thanxz my nigga! I hope 4 these post! Word up! This muiscz of flash player is so dope! See my blog too, the best of German and wicked/ horrorcore rap! Peace!
Much luv from Brazil!