Friday, October 12, 2007

Big Moe (S.U.C.) On Life Support

Houston hip hop icon and OG Screwed Up Click member Big Moe is currently on life support in hospital after suffering three heart attacks and a seizure the other day. It was rumoured that the soulful hip hop heavyweight had passed away but thankfully these rumours were unfounded, however news isn't all good as obviously his condition is critical. For more information and updates on his condition check out HoustonSoReal as he is keeping the world updated as news comes to him. Best wishes to Moe and his friends and family, hopefully he can pull through.

^Big Moe - Purple Stuff^


SKITZO said...

thats messed up man....hope things get better for Big Moe...I saw a tally of rappers that are R.I.P jus recently...and I'd forgotten jus how many there'd be a damm shame to lose another one

that film clips some freaky shit...good to see something a bit different...

thanks for keepin us updated Emvee

wishin Big Moe all the best

BULLANT said...

Actually Skitzo, since Emvee wrote this Big Moe actually passed away. Another Texas legend gets taken and yet another member of S.U.C. With Screw, Big Steve, Fat Pat and HAWK and now Big Moe there isn't gonna be too much of a crew left soon.


Anonymous said...

LOFL!!!!!! fuck this nigga as well.. how the fuck do people like this kind of wack rap.. the only reason millions of people would praise this stupid song because it is a song based on purple/codiene. that song is also garbage... i am pissed at hip hop days. although.. i should already understand that houston is basicly the birth of rap retards. im ashamed for livein in houston.. damn,.. kill your self please

Anonymous said...

RIP the BarreBaby..for that disrespectful will never understand these country rap tunes.get the fuck outta Houston& quit crying about what rap is bitchboy