Saturday, June 09, 2007

911 Ain't No Joke

Cleaning up my computer the other day I found some tracks by 'Truth Told' that I forgot I even had. I played 'em and thought I had to chuck them on here. Where as alotta emcees act like they're all educated on politics but end up quoting lines off of a Michael Moore documentary, Knowledge is oozing out of the mic when Truth Told records a track. Don't ask me who or where Truth Told are from, but they sound dope.

I couldn't put up this post without putting up some Immortal Technique. There are alot of dope political rappers out there, especially since the towers dropped but these two along with Paris are up there with my favourites. I also put up "Impeach The President" by Green Lantern, Saigon, Dead Prez and Immortal Technique.

Truth Told - 911 A Cold Day In Hell
Truth Told - Birth Of The Prince Of Terror
Truth Told - Final Call Before Armegeddon
Immortal Technique ft. Mos Def - Bin Laden
Immortal Technique - The Cause Of Death
Green Lantern, Saigon, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique- Impeach The President


SKITZO said...

Almost too much information to comprehend at first spin...found myself hittin the rewind jus incase I missed some shit...

good to hear some kats spittin some real info n knowledge in my ear...conscious hiphop has always been slept on...

SKITZO said...


Jus like millions of others...I saw the 9/11 go down live...freaky shit is...I had a premonition 5 minutes before it happened...

I was sittin there...and then it hit me (for no fukken reason at all) how come a plane has never crashed into city? (after all these years)...not one plane had ever crashed into a western city causing mass devastation...then I had a vision of a plane hitting a building

bout 2 minutes later I walked back to my room, flicked on the t.v and saw the shit hit the fan a couple of minutes later

true story

BULLANT said...

Yeah the tracks are filled with facts, that's some freaky shit that happened to you, I need to hit you up for lotto numbers.

Chicken & Cheese said...

DL right now. Thanks!