Friday, June 15, 2007

Top 10..... Same Ol' Rappers Over & Over Again

Why is it that whenever someone feels the need to list their top emcees of all time there's about 10 names that keep popping up over and over again? Is it because they are obviously the best to ever grab the mic... or is it that some people need to put down their 'Source' mag and start realizing that thereare more than a couple of dozen artists out there?

I'm a believer that it's the latter, I know Rakim is one of the all time greats, I know that Big L is dope but fuck, Have you seen the lists on Jin's 'Top 5 (Dead Or Alive)' video, about 30 people asked, about 20 different rappers listed. There are plenty of underground artists with doper metaphores , sicker stories and tighter flows than the usual names listed. R.I.P. to both Pac and B.I.G. but are they really even close to best? Each to their own I guess.

As a follow on to those Thirstin Howl tracks I put up last week here are 3 more tracks paying homage to the greats that led the way. The first is one of my favourites, it's by San Francisco's San Quinn, the track is 'Northern California', if you're into bay hip hop (and you fuckin' should be) but don't know all the history behind it like that Richie Rich was in the legendary '415' before he went solo or Pac started out in D.U., Mac Dre's jail stint over bank robberies, X-Raided's charge or groups like Totally Insane, RBL Posse or IMP laying the foundation, then this track's for you.

Next is Crooked Letters' David Banner from Mississippi, I've never been the most hardcore David Banner fan but this track comes out at every party, 'Westside'. It's a total dedication to all the legends in the west coast hip hop game. Lastly I've put up Jin's 'Top 5 (Dead Or Alive)' Inever actually gave this dude a minute of my time to even know who he was until I got it in a mix from a friend the other week, Any track that starts out by mentioning Kool Herc, Kurtis Blow and Melle Mel is always gonna get my attention.

San Quinn - Northern California
David Banner - West Side
Jin - Top 5 (Dead Or Alive)


Anonymous said...

Top Groups:

1. Crush Force
2. Ray Rock & KC
3. Skinny Boys
4. The 2 Live Crew
5. Public Enemy
6. Run-DMC
7. Whodini
8. The Cold Crush Brothers
9. Amazin II Mc's
10. Bobby Jimmy & The Critters
11. And...more old school rap

Anonymous said...


My favorite


BULLANT said...

Good work man, most rappers there are on fuck all peoples top list, goes to show you've got your own opinion and don't feel you need to put the typical names in there.

A dope rapper doesn't need to be the most concious rapper, alot of gangsta rappers have doper flows and better stories than some of the usuals.

A guy called B-Dub from C.I.N. and Untold Chapters from Richmond CA (currently on lock) has flawless double time flows that can't be fucked with by anyone.


Anonymous said...

Top 10

1. T La Rock
2. Just-Ice
3. Schoolly D
4. Grandmaster Melle Mel
5. BlastMaster Krs-One
6. Big Daddy Kane
7. Rakim
8. Kool Moe Dee
9. Busy Bee
10. LL Cool J

zingama said...

dude, you made acomment on bustthefact that you bought incognegro (ex goats) album. is there any way you could hok it up? impossible to find anywhere.

pimp said...

Kool post! Much respect to all the legends of Hip Hop.

Man, David Banner forgot Mixmaster Spade. He is someone who almost always never gets his respect. I heard of and respected him before I knew of 75% of West Coast artist that I now know to this day. R.I.P.

SKITZO said...

Number 1- Schoolly D for creating gangsta shit...I'll prolly cop some flack for that one..with "what about B.D.P / N.W.A or Ice T ect ect??"...
They made it sound a particular way..but didn't invent guns n drugs on wax...I give that credit to Schoolly my knowledge...1984's 'Gangsta Boogie' and 1985's 'P.S.K' pre dates any other artists attempt at G shit...but I'm open to other opinions on that..

2. K RINO - since 1987 he's been layin down solid tracks

3. Ice T - not the dopest lyricist...but is up there with the greats and has had longevity..

4. Rakim n Eric B - not that I ever really got blown away by Rakims rhymes...I always believed they both had a modern sound for that era..considering what was out

5. Public Enemy - For knowledge and bass

6. Rhyme Syndicates (EverLast) for being the first white dude I heard to ever rip a mic (back in '89)

7. Spoony G (of Treacherous 3 and SugarHill)- for being the godfather of of the few pioneers (since 1977)

8. RUN DMC - for having the first rap song I ever heard and learned

9. 2 LIVE CREW - for givin me extra filthy knowledge at a young age

10. Afrika Bambaataa - jus for the fuck of it

BULLANT said...

I didn't want to mention K-Rino myself (people may be getting tired of his name on here) but fuck yeah, anyone who's heard him knows he's up there. As for Schoolly, no doubt he created it, that's why Ice T flew him over to the west and got him in the studio to teach him, Dre and Eazy how to get that sound.

We're on the same page king!