Thursday, September 21, 2006

Melle Mel Vinyl Rips

Everyone knows Melle Mel as a member of the Furious Five and the vocals on Grand Master Flash's 'The Message', he got his rightful dues with 'White Lines', but Melle Mel's best shit was the stuff he dropped in the late 80's with a harder, more direct style. The old school hip hop label called 'Posse Records' dropped some wax in the mid to late 80's that was sort of the start of Rhyme Syndicate. A couple of tracks were dropped on Posse that featured Ice T, Afrika Islam, Bronx Style Bob and of course Melle Mel.under the banner 'Zulu Kings', One was called 'The Beach', and the other 'Cars' which was alot better and I've put it up for download.

Another track I've put up from Melle Mel that is also on Posse Records is 'Whats The Matter With Your World' which is the theme track from 'Police Academy 6 City Under Siege' This was dropped in '89 and goes pretty hard. In '89 he also dropped a 12 called 'White Lines 89 Part II', don't let the name fool ya, although it's a updated version of his old classic this is a completely different track, different beat, different raps and on a completely different level. I also found the best remix of his OG White Lines on a 12 that came out in the 80's that has a U.S. mix on one side and a dope U.K. mix on the other, the U.K. one is the one I've put up. I hope you enjoy these harder styled Melle Mel tracks along with another couple I've put with 'em.

Melle Mel MP3's:
Cars Ft. Ice T, Bronx Style Bob & Afrika Islam
White Lines UK Remix
White Lines 89 Part II
Whats The Matter With Your World
China White
The New Message


Anonymous said...

This is some real dope shit right here. Thanks.

Antonio said...

Thanks... Melle Mel is one of the greatest ever.

Anonymous said...

hey, is this link dead? or am i just retarded?

BULLANT said...

Sorry, the link died by itself last week along with about 5 others. We re upped a couple and will re-do this one when we get some spare time.