Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hits From The Blog

Hits From The Blog
(Streets On Beats Vol 4)

It's called the bionic, the bomb, the puff, the blow, the black, the herb, the sensie, the chronic, the sweet Mary Jane, the shit, Ganja, split, reefa, the bad, the buddha, the home grown, the ill, the maui-maui, the method, pot, lethal turbo, tie, shake, skunk, stress, whacky, weed, glaze, the boot, dimebag, Scooby Doo, bob, bogey, back yard boogie....and numerous rappers have rapped about it on endless tracks on various albums over the years. Obviously the likes of Cypress Hill and the Kottonmouth Kingz are notorious for their weed smoking tracks, but here are just a selection of the many tracks by other artists/groups on the topic.

...::: TRACKLISTING :::...
1. Steady Mobb'n - Puff Puff Pass
2. Odd Squad - Smokin' Dat Weed
3. The D.E.E.P. - I'm High
4. The Goats - Wake And Bake
5. Tha Alkaholiks - Mary Jane
6. Dum Dum, Happy P, SPM, Low G, Diamond, Grimm, Baby Beesh, Lil Bing - 2 Joints
7. The Dayton Family - Billy Blunt
8. Murder Squad - Pass Da Dank
9. Los Marijuanos - Smoke Out
10. Schoolly D - Smoke Some Kill
11. K Stone - Puff The Magic Dragon
12. Sweetenlo - Fire Up A Fat One



travis said...

I sent this to my weed head buddy. He's likes hip hop, but not like us...anyway, he thought this was a great smoking soundtrack, so he's keeping it out in his garage with his bong and shit and plays it ever time he's out there hitting it.

BULLANT said...

Thanks for passing on the link. Good to hear someone's getting blazed and bumpin' the shit.


STREETS ON BEATS.............

Anonymous said...

good mix and thats a classic cover