Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rollin With The Posse Pt II

Following on from my last posse tracks post back in June here are three other dope posse cuts. Firstly, I'm gonna start with the Lifers Group and the track 'The Real Deal'. The lifers group arn't exactly a "posse" as much as cellmates. They are inmates in Rahway prison in New Jersey, they first released a short E.P. simply titled '#66064' before dropping the full length 'Livin Proof' that had the track and video for this track 'The Real Deal'. DJ Shadow even remixed the track as a 12". I'm not sure on all the exact details but one of these guys got out of prison a few years back and hosted a show called 'Scared Straight' which was about scaring youth so bad about what jail life is like that hopfully they stay away from crime... or at least try to. For any vinyl collectors reading this, there are two versions of 'Livin Proof' released on wax. One is a Hollywood Basic label sleeve that has a couple of tracks missing and the other is a full picture cover that has the missing tracks but has a couple of others missing.

When N.W.A. were at their peak just after 'Straight Outta Compton' but before Cube left the group the D.O.C. dropped his incredible debut album 'No One Can Do It Better' in '89. On it was 'The Grand Finale' which to this day is still one of my favourite posse tracks ever. The D.O.C. who was originally from Texas and in a group called The Fila Fresh Crew under the name Doc-T and even appeared on 'N.W.A. & The Posse' but he left the group after releasing one album with them and pretty much became the sixth member of N.W.A. sort of replacing the Arabian Prince. 'No One Can Do It Better' was produced by who else but Dre, the guy may like womens clothing and be fake as fuck but he can produce the dopest beats. 'The Grand Finale' is Cube, Ren, Eazy and of course the D.O.C. himself. Just after he released this album the D.O.C. had a serious car accident that fucked up his voice so after the Dre/Eazy split the D.O.C. went to Death Row with his friend Dre and stayed behind the scenes writing rhymes for Snoop and a shit load of The Chronic album for Dre. He dropped his second album tittled 'Helter Skelter' in '96 and I think made somthing since with a new group, not completely sure though but he apparently releaed an album called 'Deuce' in 2003 I find it pretty hard to even listen to him now with the different voice. There's also a version of 'The Grand Finale' by Chicago's Twista on that Speed Knot album too thats pretty incredible.

Last time I did some posse tracks I chucked on 'Bring It On' from The Geto Boys 'Till Death Do Us Part' album, this time i'm putting on another Rap-A-Lot posse track, this one is 'Came Na Gedown' from Odd Squads 'Fadanuf Fa Erybody' album from '94. The Odd Squad who's original DJ was the late legendary DJ Screw consists of Jugg Mugg, Devin The Dude who has come a fuckin' long way since this gem and also the only blind rapper I have ever heard of Rob Quest. The over seven minute track consists of a heap of the Rap-A-Lot roster from '92 and is sick, infact this whole album is a must have for any old Rap-A-Lot fan. Hope you enjoy these tracks.

Lifers Group - The Real Deal
The D.O.C. Ft N.W.A. - The Grand Finale
Odd Squad etc - Came Na Gedown


Straight Checkin Em said...

don't forget the Rap-A-Lot posse cut "Bring Em Down" off of DMG's Rigormortiz album

BULLANT said...

Don't worry, I just don't won't to put up three tracks from the same click at once. That tracks dope as is everything from the Detrimental Gangsta!!

travis said...

Nice little write up...that's why you guys are the shit. Keep doin' the do...

BULLANT said...

Thanks Travis, whats the deal with you guys at WYDU??? Every time I go there there's a new post. You guys are hitting that bitch pretty hard. Good to see some motivated blogers.

Props as always.