Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rappers Accessories..... ( Pt. 1 Foot Wear)

I'm seperating this post into 3 parts, footwear, clothing and jewellery. Going back about ten months ago we chucked up a sneaker tip post with some tracks, I've put most of them back up gain with some extras to make up part 1 of the posts.

Way before hip hop became hip hop kids in ghettos and suburbs were wearing the dopest sneakers that Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok etc had to offer. Getting a new pair usually took weeks of saving dollars if not by the guy wearing them, by the guy that 'was' wearing them. keeping them in pristine condition, washing the white leather with a tooth brush and getting fat laces washed in the machine, people took alot of time and effort to parade their sneakers. Once hip hop got into it's stride in the 80's and rappers, b boys and b girls would get real fuckin' serious about their shit, making sure the blue trim on their Nikes matched the stripe going down their trackies and their Kangol.

When Run DMC decided to Adidas themselves out head to shell toe with their famous jail style no laces it went to the next level. Run DMC were doing a show with an invited Adidas CEO in the crowd, Run took off his shell toe and held it in the air and told everyone in the crowd that is wearing Adidas sneakers to do the same. Once the Adidas CEO saw hundreds of kids holding shoes above their heads he signed Run DMC to a huge deal and released their own line of clothing worth millions of dollars and became the first non-sportsmen signed to a sports label . This opened the door for thousands of non sportsmen who have been signing muti-million dollar contracts ever since.

Jay Z signed a deal with RBK to release his S. Carter signiture sneaker he also recorded a track for the sneakers that was a free give away with every pair for a limited time. I was sad to hear that legendary U.G.K. member, Bun B signed a deal with Damon Dash to release his own signituture line sneaker for Pro-Keds. Bun B also represented the Reebok throwback tennis shoe that featured in the NBA 2006 All Star game. Reeboks "I Am What I Am" campaign released 50 Cent's 'G Unit' sneaker and also signed deals with Lil Wayne, Mike Jones and Lupe Fiasco, their sneakers were all the same but in a different colour for each rapper. One sneaker that I did like coming out was the RIP JMJ sneaker that came out with his face on them. I saw a pair of Public Enemy boots a few weeks back that are meant to be coming out as I'm sure their will be endless amounts of top 40 rappers signing deals with sneaker companies who are lerking with a ballpoint waiting to rape hip hop a little more.

It's sad that hip hop has been so exploited by these popstars and big corporatians that have givin a fake front to what 'hip hop' style and fassion is supposed to be. It's come along way since Run DMC dropped 'My Adidas' and Fresh Gordon dropped his answer record with 'My Filas' or back when Schoolly had his Filas on, Dana Dane wore Balleys and Mix-A-Lot rapped about his Gortex or Tim Dog repped his Timberlands. At least the underground will always keep it real with Gangsta Pat dropping 'My Gators' and Lexicon dropping 'Nike Head' and Houstons Chingo Bling made his own Ostrich boots with a Nike swoosh (alligator tale) on it, which is fine except... they're not Nikes.

Run DMC - My Adidas
Schoolly D - Put My Filas On
K Solo - Sneak Tip
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Gortex
Gangsta Pat - My Gators
Lexicon - Nike Head
Chingo Bling - Ostrich Boots


Anonymous said...

Who is there right nind whould by those boots?! lol

Man, that crazy how you brought Tim Dog's name up. That song whould never come to mind to me. Can I play his shit all the time. But you already know that. lol

BULLANT said...

If you saw Chingo's entire drobe you'd realize that those boots need to be there.haha.... they work for him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for him, and thats about it. lol

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