Sunday, July 23, 2006

South Park Coalition

If you've been sleeping on this crew from Houston, Texas then it's time to wake up. I guarantee that if you're into real underground hip hop then you will love pretty much every album that these guys have dropped. The leader and founder is the lyrical wizard, K Rino. Other members include the notorious psycho thug Ganksta Nip, Dope E aka Murdoq (The Terrorists), Murder One, AC Chill (R.I.P.), Grimm of Dope House fame, Bam (Killa Klan), Street Military (Killa Klan), Point Blank The Bull, PSK 13, The lyrical lion Klondike Kat and many more.

(AC Chill R.I.P.)

Although we love to post mp3's (never full albums) as we feel they help promote the artists to potential fans. Out of respect to the SPC who are totally against any file sharing, we have just linked a track directly from their official website to give you a taste of what you might be missing. The track which is called 'The Session' (also known as 'How Could It Be', is a K Rino solo track that was meant to go on a compilation but I'm not quite sure what happened with it in the end of the day? Remember this is not K Rino's best track ever but is still incredible none the less.

(K Rino)

Here are just a few releases that have recently dropped or will soon drop that are/will be well worth checking out. My advice would be, if you have some spare cash, to go to the SPC website (check the links) and order yourself a copy of a K Rino album to get yourself started as I'm sure the features on his albums will get you hooked to the other artists. Of course by this point you will probably be ordering K Rino's other solo albums because his music speaks for itself as one of hip hop's all time greatest lyricists.
K Rino - The Session

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