Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Boo Yaa Tribe & Yukmouth in Adelaide

Tuesday 25th July @ Kings Head
Yukmouth (Luniz) & Ganxsta Ridd (Boo Yaa Tribe)
Record Breakers, Pretty Black & Monsta Ganja (Regime)
DJ Nustylez (Digital Underground) & DJ Aztec

Ganxsta Ridd and Monsta O of the notorious Boo Yaa Tribe along with Oakland's Yukmouth (Luniz) plus Pretty Black of the Regime put on a free show in Adelaide on Tuesday night thanks to Affiliated Enterprises. Digital Underground's DJ Nu-Stylez also returned to Adelaide to join the line up.

Ganxsta Ridd and Monsta O hit the stage and delievered a gangsta as fuck set with alot of energy. Ridd, sporting Blood red and throwing up B's utilized his stage presence and commanding approach to the fullest ensuring it was a set to remember. Pretty Black of the Regime got his Thizzle on to some classic Mac Dre and then a bit of shit started when Pretty Black lost his grill and got in an arguement with some guys in the crowd, at one point it looked like the show might of been cut short but thankfully he got it back and the show went on.

When Yukmouth came on he dropped the famous "I Got 5 On It" almost instantly. Yuk didn't lack any motivation and delivered a sick peformance of various tracks that I wont be forgetting in any hurry. At the end of the night Boo Yaa and Yukmouth/Pretty Black all got on stage together before bringing the show to a close.

All in all it was a great night with some mad west coast hip hop, the venue was small with mad sound quality and being at the front I got a sick view of the whole show, I got hit in the face with Yuk's bottle of Moet a couple of times but it was worth it cause we got some flicks (click them to enlarge) to chuck up on the blog and got to see a crazy show for free thanks to Affiliated!

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