Friday, July 21, 2006

Suave House

I thought I'd post up a little dedication to a sick little southern label of the 90's, Suave House Records. They didn't have the huge roster and catalogue of labels like Rap-A-Lot but you can't fault the quality of albums that were released over their golden years of around '93 to '99.

You can't start this post without putting up a track by Eightball & MJG, after all these are the two guys that started Suave House with a young Tony Draper who was the C.E.O. They released 'Comin Out Hard' in '93 before dropping 'On The Outside Looking In' '94, 'On Top Of The World' '95 which was distributed through 'Relativity'. Draper then got the call to sign Suave House with 'Universal' in a 15 million dollar deal. Eightball & MJG then released a solo album each with 'Lost' and 'No More Glory' before releasing 'In Our Lifetime Vol 1' before leaving the label they helped start.

In '95 rappers 'Thorough' and 'Mr Mike' brought out the album 'Anotha Day, Anotha Balla' under the group name 'South Circle'. This was produced by Tony Draper and was a pretty decent success. Apparently the two are currently working on a second album. Mr Mike released his first solo album on Suave House not long after 'Anotha Day, Anotha Balla' came out titled 'Wicked Ways' that was a pretty crazy album that featured Ice Cube on the title track.

Suave House was definately a label who signed nobodies who would go on to a successful career, Tela is no exception. His debut on Suave House, 'Piece Of Mind' sold 500,000 copies which led to interest by Rap-A-Lot C.E.O. Lil' J. One way or another Tela left Draper's Suave House and signed for Rap-A-Lot. Crime Boss got his start featuring on Eightball & MJG's 'On The Outside Looking In' album before getting signed himself and releasing 'All In The Game' in '95 and 'Conflicts & Confusion in '97 before dropping 'Still At Large' on 'Crime Lab' in '97. Suave House also released a couple of compilations, one being 'Off Da Chain Vol 1' and the other simply titled 'Suave House (The Album Of The Year)' which also featured 'Nola' and 'The Fedz' on it.

Anyway, that was a very brief rundown on the southern label that has since reissued it's catalogue under the label name 'Draper Inc' for some reason and has also done what way too many labels are now doing, re-releasing old classic albums screwed and chopped.


Eightball & MJG - Break'em Off
South Circle - Unsolved Mysteries
Mr Mike Ft. Ice Cube - Wicked Wayz
Tela Ft. Crime Boss & Mr Mike - Strange
Crime Boss - Warning


LMJR said...

TELA! yes, the Suave House was bangin' and I hope they bounce back.
DL some seattle rap shh right here.

BULLANT said...

Whats been going on lmjr?

I can't get that link working, any chance of putting it up again??