Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cool C Faces Execution

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, has just recently signed an execution warrant that means that 36 year old former Hilltop Hustler and CEB member Cool C will be executed by lethal injection on the 9th of March 2006. For more information check out the two links below.

The CEB Case
Rapper Cool C's Execution Warrant Signed by PA Governor Ed Rendell

Cool C - Pump It Up Now


Anonymous said...

Fuck the police!
Free Cool C.

emdee said...

Fuck Fuck Fuck the police!

TexasHeater said...

Damn I still bump that Glamorous Life tape. I love that tape man. This shit is sad.

TexasHeater said...

uhhh I meant the tape "I Gotta Habit" with the song 'glamorous life' anyway man I wonder if any celebrities will be out protesting and trying to make national headlines?

Anonymous said...

Yeah we would love to see snoop dog protesting to let cool c live.