Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hip Hop DVD's In Review

Title: Public Enemy - MKLVFCKWR Revolverlution Tour 2003
Label: SPV / ABC Entertainment

To me this is one of my favourite DVD's ever because it was all shot in Australia. Although this was the Melbourne show, I went to the Adelaide show and it was almost the same so I can almost re-live the incredible performance they put on. The sound quality for the show is to perfection and it shows a heap of promo footage like radio spots and instore signings. It also has Flav driving a boat under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It comes on 2 discs and goes for ever, it also has a bonus "best of" CD and is well worth the money.

Title: Breakin' & Enterin'
Label: Palace Films
Year: 1983

This never actually got released onto DVD but I love it so much I had to get it transfered onto DVD format and get Emvee to edit my VHS cover. It's a 1983 documentary about when breakin' first hit L.A. It's got some mad footage from L.A. club "Radio Tron" and the "Radio Crew" which has Ice T and The Egyptian Lover as members. There is some crazy must see footage on here, including Ice T breakin' along with performing a few old tracks like "Body Rock". A must for all old school heads.

Title: Yukmouth Presents - United Ghettos Of America
Label: Smoke-A-Lot / Rap-A-Lot
Year: 2003

This is one DVD I wish I had seen before handing over money for it. It is filled with footage of bay rappers trying to hog the camera, rapping average freestyles and showing off their piece n' chains and grills. There is actually a little bit of quality on this dvd when B Legit is getting interviewed because it's obvious he's not trying to impress anybody. Bottom line, if I want to watch people smoking weed and doing wack freestyles I'd go to my friends place.

K-Rino Live From Finland
Label: Mo Bang 4 Ya Buck
Year: 2005

This is what I want from a hip hop DVD, quality from start to finish. When I first got it I was a little surprised on why the colours on Finlands flag were the wrong way around? I was also I bit let down on the quality of both the paper used and the printless disc, but the quality of the footage is second to none. It shows K-Rino walking around Finland, talking to his fans, selling his cd's, recording a verse as well as live footage, the audio quality is sick. This DVD proves that the South Park Coalition are world wide and don't have to just rely on fans in Texas to sell albums. Hopefully he'll be able to make a "Live In Australia" DVD one day........

Title: DJ Surpreme Presents - Turntable Trixters (Hijack 1986-1992)
Label: www.DJSupreme.com
Year: 2005

As soon as I heard that there was a DVD out by Englands best hip hop group, Hijack, I ordered a copy off the net straight away. There a few dvd's that are set out as good as this one, each chapter is the next stage of their career starting back when Surpreme started the "Turntable Trixters" to 2005 (13 years since their break-up). It has some live footage from a show in Scotland from'92 and has interviews with Ice T, Donald D, Afrika Islam, Def Wish Cast, Q Bert, a heap of U.K. artists and fans. It goes for over 2 and a half hours, If you're not a Hijack fan I can imagine it getting boring pretty quickly, but other wise you're hanging on every word.


TexasHeater said...

Nice. Hey man hit me up wit some contact info on you guys. I want to get at you on some stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hello..I have been searching all over the internet for a dvd copy of the documentary "breakin & enterin".Ran across your blog on google.
Is there any way you could sell me a copy of the movie or give me some info on how to find a copy.I really want to see this documentary and not just clips from youtube.