Saturday, August 20, 2005

The C.E.B. Case

In 1993, Hilltop Hustlers Cool C, Steady B along with Ultimate Eaze from Philadelphia formed a group named C.E.B (Countin' Endless Bank) and released the self titled album on Ruff House.Three years later, after not making much cash from the album and their careers hitting a wall Cool C, Steady B and Snuka a local graf artist decided to make a bit of instant cash.

Article From: "On The Go" Magazine, April/May 1996:
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After they pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty Cool C and Steady B are still serving life sentences without the possibility of parole. A huge shame for anyone who remembers Steady's 'Let The Hustlers Play' or Cool C's 'Juice Crew Diss' .........Countin' Endless Years.

C.E.B. - Pass The Ammo


TexasHeater said...

Man I used to jam that Cool-C "Glamourous Life" tape back in the day. It was a shock when I read about Steady B and Cool C in the Source talking about they in Prison. Damn Shame.

afects said...

Yo man I still love to pump that Cool-C album"Life in the ghetto" I even pump Steady-B"What's my name" every now and then. I love that old Philly stuff.

emdee said...

respect for C.E.B. - Steady B , Cool C , DJ Ultimate Squeeze Eazy