Saturday, January 14, 2006

Battle On Wax: South Bronx VS Compton

Over a decade and a half ago in hip hop's golden era back in the late '80's, early '90's the city of Compton put it's name on the map through N.W.A. and to a lesser extent C.M.W. and then DJ Quik. The track and album "Straight Outta Compton" was heard the world over and the track "Fuck The Police" made controversial headlines everywhere and even prompted the F.B.I. to send a letter to Priority Records letter showing their disgust in a track that in their opinion creates the public to have a negative view of the police (the F.B.I. also tried to ban the "Niggaz4Life" album and succeeded for a short time in the U.K.)

Around this time it seems like every rapper in the CPT had beef with each other, Cube left Ruthless which led to N.W.A. dissing him and then Cube dissing N.W.A., Tweedy Bird Loc and the U.W.C. got a record deal and dissed the fuck out of their former homie Eazy E and the rest of his crew, Crip MC Eiht and Blood DJ Quik sent disses back and forth, Dre left N.W.A. hooked up with former L.A. Ram player and N.W.A. body guard Suge Knight and started "Death Row". Dre hooked up with Snoop Rock (later to be known as Snoopy Doggy Dogg), who he met through his brother-in-law Warren G, he later released "The Chronic" and dissed Eazy, before Eazy released an entire E.P. dedicated to diss the ex-cross dresser, ex-gangsta, dope producer.

Right in the middle of all that shit Ultra Magnetic M.C. Tim "The Bronx Nigga" Dog must have got pissed off with all the attention that the west coast city was getting and how Compton was getting the rep through the Country that it's a hard city. In 1991 Tim Dog released the album "Penicillin On Wax" on Ruff House with the skit "DJ Quik Beatdown", dissing the obvious.... along with "Michel'le Conversation", "Step To Me" and the more to the point "Fuck Compton" where he pretty much took on an entire city single handedly.

To no ones surprise the tracks started flowing in dissing the South Bronx and Tim Dog, Dre and Snoop had an average attempt on "Fuck Wit Dre Day" along with the intro and and skit. I don't think Eazy even had an attempt, Eiht and Quik's aren't really worth mentioning but the only one that was on the same level as Tim Dog's tracks was by someone not even in the "Fuck Compton" disses, Kelly Park Crip and Under World Connection member Tweedy Bird Loc, who took huge offense to the disses on his city. He not only gives it to Tim Dog but to the whole South Bronx including KRS One and D Nice.

The funniest part about all these disses is that Tim Dog put a spanner in the works of all the other disses going on in Compton at the time, Tweedy was dissing Eazy and Dre, Eazy was dissing Dre and Snoop, Dre and Snoop were dissing Eazy along with Tim Dog and Luke, Luke dissed Dre as well as Snoop and Compton, that made Tweedy diss Luke and Tim Dog ........ are you confused yet? After all the Tim Dog shit blew over most of the other beefs kept going a little longer, although Tim Dog did get pissed off with Snoop Doggy Dogg getting involved and for ganking the "DOG" from his name that led to the 12" only release "Bitch With A Perm" track in '93 putting the Long Beach chart topper in his place. It was mainly because of Tim Dog dissing Compton and vice-versa that the so called east coast,west coast shit all started. It was also a good way for everyone to get paid, including Ohio rapper Sweetenlo who released an album tittled "Compton Killa" in '94 on Wrap Records where he took the opportunity to diss a heap of Compton rappers including the Kelly Park Crip Tweedy Bird Loc (stupid or ballsy, I don't know).

Tim Dog - Fuck Compton
Tweedy Bird Loc - Fuck South Bronx
Tim Dog - Bitch With A Perm


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Anonymous said...

yo man stop all this eastcoast/westcoast beef man.
it played out in the 90's hater!

EMVEE1 said...

"It was mainly because of Tim Dog dissing Compton and vice-versa that the so called east coast,west coast shit all started" Notice the words "so called" I don't think the coasts ever had beef, just some artists had beef with each other,but it is a part of hip hop history and has influenced the way beefs are today in the way of making millions out of it. Thanks for your comment.

onasuss said...

MC Eiht's response to Tim Dog's garbage track (Who's Xxxxing Who from Music To Driveby) is not even worth mentioning? Maybe you should give Music To Driveby a more attentive listen. Eiht utterly destroys Tim Dog, and the beat is sick.

BULLANT said...

Onasuss, I had another listen to the 'Who's Xxxxing Who' track and your probably right that I didn't give it enough mention although the Tweedy track is so much harder that I pretty much disregarded the Eiht one. I was hoping for a full track instead of the 1 min 46 second skit that Eiht put on it. Although I give max respect to Eiht over almost all the guys involved from CPT and the Sth BX for being the most REAL.

Here's the track if anyone else wants to hear it. (Just copy and paste the link into your address bar)


Anonymous said...

eiht should have driiled tim dog

Anonymous said...

CMW's response is definitely a good one! If not the best!

Anonymous said...

I agree CMW response definitely put whacky tacky Tim Dog in his place, on top of that DJ Quik got him aswell with way to fonky

Unknown said...

That Mc Eiht answer was definitely the funniest using Tim dog's voice to Diss himself, DJ Quik also did Diss Tim dog in a couple of songs on his Way 2 Fonky Album but it's true that it's Tweedy Bird Location who made it seem that his all album was about Dissing Tim Dog and also Eazy E and NWA, he even had a part on the special thanks part of his album jacket called the Fuck you list where he disses them all again and also...Death Row !