Thursday, November 10, 2005

Review: Tweedy Bird Loc - 187 Ride By

Artist: Tweedy Bird Loc
Album: 187 Ride By
Year: 1992
Label: Par

Hailing from Compton CA, U.W.C. (Under World Connection) member Tweedy Bird Loc is a Kelly Park Crip who used to hang with Eazy E, who is also from KP, although when Eazy made it with NWA and put out a video that Gangster Tweed thought he and other Crips from his set would be in fell through and were not involved in anything Eazy was doing the U.W.C. decided to do their shit themselves and let N.W.A. what they thought of them.

In '92 Tweedy Bird Loc's "187 Ride By" was released and was gangsta as fuck from start to finish. The first track was a straight up diss track called "Fuck The South Bronx" aimed directly at Tim Dog (also disses KRS, D Nice and anyone from the S.B.) for his "Fuck Compton" track on "Penicillin On Wax". The track features members from the U.W.C. and is a fuckin' crazy diss track.

Next is a interlude dissing the members of N.W.A. followed by the track "What's Really Goin' On" that continues the slaughter on N.W.A. and as much as I love 'em this track was hard,def and never got a reply. I don't want to give you the impression that the whole album is just dissing people, they do manage to put a heap of general gangsta tracks in there too that are sick.... but talking about dissin', the track "A Hoe Is A Bitch" is Tweedy and female rapper Nini X dissin' "Hoes With Attitude" (and of course Eazy).

One of my favourite tracks is "Comin' Out The Cage" which is the U.W.C. posse track (a remix version was also made as a 12") the track has a nice beat produced by "Battlecat" and is hard and dope and contains two of the best female mc's i've heard in Nini X and smooth (Lady of Rage was also a member before joining Death Row although was just "Rage" at the time)

The album is produced by "Battlecat" and "J-Stank" and is definately worth grabbing if you get the chance however the only flaw is the lyrics are not the best you will ever hear but not wack. Tweedy is the main person behind all the Bloods 'N' Crips, Damu Ridas and Nationwide Rip Ridaz releases and squashed his beef with Eazy just before he passed away in '95. Keep an ear out for Tweedy's second of his two releases "No Holds Barred" it's not as good as this one but has his reply track to Lukes "Cowards In Compton" (aimed at Dre and Snoop) called "Fuck Miami" (he gets creative with his names).

Tweedy Bird Loc ft U.W.C. - Comin' Out The Cage
Tweedy Bird Loc - What's Really Goin' On (N.W.A. Diss Track)

Rating: 4 Dayton's Out Of 5

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Don't forgett to mention this albums slammer: My Dick Is Prejudice