Friday, November 04, 2005

The Latest Chapter From The Black Book

The leader and founder of the South Park Coalition is back to release his 2nd album of of the year, "Worst Rapper Alive". The album is available now to purchase from K Rino himself at The album has 18 tracks and features Klondike Kat, Point Blank, KB of Street Military, Murder One and others. Although I am waiting for my copy as I write this I know the album will be crazy if all his other albums are anything to go by. The album sampler has got me anticipating another incredible album!

Anyone that is reading this that has never heard anything by K Rino I suggest you download this sampler because you have been missing out on some of the best lyrics in the game!

K Rino - Worst Rapper Alive (Album Sampler)


Big Walt said...

Nah, I'm pretty sure Kamal is the worst rapper alive. Props on this site, regional hip hop doesn't get coverage like this enough.

Anonymous said...

thanx for that i heard tha name but never tha musik.

Anonymous said...

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BULLANT said...

Fuck off with that wack shit.