Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tech N9ne - Seepage [EP]

The one with the name of a gun is back with another EP release to hold his fans over until his next full length, All 6s And 7s, drops early in 2011. For those of you who keep checking Tech's releases, you'll remember that on the Lost Scripts of K.O.D. EP there was a track called Last Sad Song on which he said that track would be exactly that, his last sad song. He kept with that on the Ollie Gates Collabos album, however, sadly, Tech tweeted recently that his mother's health had deteriorated again, and Krizz Kaliko's best friend had passed away. As a result of these two events, Tech decided to go back into the studio and drop another EP of dark rhymes: Seepage.

On one of the deepest tracks Tech has ever recorded ,
The Rain, he says: 'They love my pain because it makes for great music'. So with this in mind I can't help but feel guilty for admitting that it's Tech N9ne's darker music that I really want to hear. As a fan of Tech N9ne I wish for nothing but the best for Aaron Yates the person, even if it results in more let down releases in the future (which is how I felt about Ollie Gates). But, to be honest as someone who finds shelter in the lyrics of my favourite emcees - Tech above most others- it's his most painful music that makes me (and many others) rate him so highly. People don't love seeing Tech in pain, but they do love the dark music it spawns because no matter the listener's age/race/religion or gender - they can relate to him.

As with all EPs, the downside with it is how short it is - but in terms of quality, Tecca Nina's still going as strong as ever. I've already put my pre-order in for a hard copy, and if you're even remotely into Tech, then I suggest ordering it off his site asap because it's a bargain at $6.99 and I can't see too many copies being pressed.

Seepage [EP]

01 - Choking From It (Intro)

02 - Seepage (Ft Tonesha Sanders)

03 - Asshole (Ft Big Scoob & Krizz Kaliko)

04 - Alucard

05 - Bite Me (Ft Tonesha Sanders & Jessica Slankard)

06 - Trippin Comin (Ft Krizz Kaliko)
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Tech N9ne - Seepage (Ft Tonesha Sanders)

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