Saturday, December 08, 2007

Trigga Gots No Heart

Earlier in the week we were hit with the news that Texas pioneer and legend Pimp C was found dead and less than 24 hours previous to this was the news that one of my favourite emcees, Spice 1 was shot a couple of times while snoozing in his ride. It looks like Spice will pull through. Infact, I'm pretty confident that Spice's record sales will improve after this due to the publicity of the story combined with the wack mentallity of some consumers..... much like the die hard pac fans who jumped on board around September 96'.

For me, I grew up listening to the Dangerous Crew rapper and pumped my '187 He Wrote' cassette on the bus so hard that the album has cemented itself as the soundtrack to year 8 and 9 in my life. I've ripped 5 tracks that feature Spice on them, I didn't want to just stick 5 tracks from his albums as anyone who would really appreciate Spice's unique voice and flow will probably already have the albums. So, I chucked on 'I'm The Fuckin Murderer' from '187 He Wrote' and tracks from various bay compilations as well as a feature track from Gangsta Profile's 'Fire Redrum' album which was a hook up from Skitzo who runs the dope blog 'Skitzo Beats' that has some of the dopest gangsta albums ever released on it, mixed with first hand knowledge from a dude who knows his shit.

HAYWARD — Hayward rapper Spice 1 is still recovering from a bullet wound he suffered shortly after midnight Monday while sitting in his car in the driveway of his mother's home.
The 37-year-old Spice 1, whose real name is Robert Green, described the shooting by phone from his hospital bed Thursday night.

"I was just sitting in my car," Green said. "I parked in front of my mom's house. I went to sleep because I don't like to wake her up that late."

Green's mother, Jean Green-Craven, a medical assistant at Kaiser Permanente, said her son had been at a photo shoot all day Sunday and had eaten dinner at a friend's house before driving to her house on Chiplay Avenue late Sunday night.

Green was sitting in his black Cadillac Escalade listening to music, eating a plate of leftover spaghetti and probably talking on his cell phone, Green-Craven said.

She said her son often parked in front of the house and sat in his car while talking on the phone.
Green said he had dozed off, but then heard a jiggle at the passenger-side door. "So I woke up. I see the dude and I start banging on the window. He got scared and ran and fired the pistol while he was running away."

The bullet went through the passenger-side window, grazing Green's chin before striking him in the upper left side of his chest.

"I was going to go after him, but he ran," Green said. "I stuck my finger in the (bullet) hole. I said, 'Damn, that was a bullet wound!"

SPICE 1 MP3's:
Spice 1 - I'm The Fuckin' Murderer
Gangsta Profile Ft Spice 1 - Killas Don't Talk
The Luniz & Spice 1 - Chrome Wheels
Spice 1, DSP & AK - Addicted To Drama
NKPz Ft Spice 1, Tay Da Tay & Tony Mendoza - Forty Fourz


pimp said...

Its good to hear that he seems to be ok. I agree 100%, because of this people that never gave a shit about his music are going to love him now.

And yeah, "187 He Wrote" is the shit!

BULLANT said...


Anonymous said...

he sure is 187proof now.

RipTheJacker said...

thanks for the update, i guess this means he is doin ok.

the dude was probably lookin for some spare change.

SKITZO said...

Dope name for a post "trigga gots no heart"

like other rappers I grew up back in the early 90's...Spice 1 was a stand out MC...that stuttering/rasta style he bought out was original for it's time...

When Spice spit his rhymes...I was always sure he'd lived alot of the shit he claimed (unlike other WestCoast Artist *cough* Ice Cube)

This recent shooting is a reminder that even in 2007...big name stars get hit by bullets with no names..."coz no matter who ya are...ya still catch a bullet scar"

Anonymous said...

Sorry to point out but does anyone see the glaring contradiction in track 1 being called 'I'm the fuckin murderer' And track 2 'Killas don't talk'?
For that reason alone i aint listening to that bullshit!