Saturday, December 01, 2007

Masta Ace @ HQ

Masta Ace @ HQ
Friday 30 November

Last night Masta Ace hit Adelaide along with Wordsworth, Stricklin and DJ Flo Fader to rock a set as part of the 'Walk This Way' show which also featured Z Trip, MC Soup of J5, Swollen Members, Jungle Brothers and Brycon. We turned up as the Jungle Bros were starting up and to be honest from the moment they got on stage I couldn't wait for them to end, I'm pretty sure they even pulled out the same track twice in their set. Next up Swollen Members (who I'd previously totally neglected) actually left a heaps positive impression on me, and I'm definitely keen to check their stuff out in the future. Anyway, the name that most of the people filling the club were there to see was Brooklyn icon Masta Ace who didn't disappoint, most notably to me (and most others no doubt) pulling out 'Born 2 Roll'. Z Trip and Soup then closed out the night, from what I saw of Z Trip he puts on a good show with visuals to accompany his set, but it was already past 2 in the morning at that point so the crowd started to dwindle as the man they'd all come to see had already left them feeling like they'd got what they paid for.

Here are a few pics I took of the Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Stricklin and DJ Flo Fader set.


Anonymous said...

yeah werd....

show was dope, Ace's set was Killer. soo many highlights, that juice crew trivia ish beat was insane, loved hearing crooklyn, born to roll, im not entirely sure cos his set was soo long and i was in all sorts but i don't think Ace did Sittn On Crome or Jeep Ass Nigguh tho?

as for Swollen Members i highly recommend their first album Balance

peace ben

pimp said...

Is kool to hear that Masta Ace put on a good show.


BULLANT said...

Yeah, show was pretty insane.... Although, To me "Slaughter House" is by far my favourite shit of his and he only did "Born To Roll" from it. "Jeep Ass Nigga" would have topped off a dope night.

@ Ben..... You rollin to Insane Poetry & Menacide in April?


Anonymous said...

yeah for sure, haven't heard much
about the show, guess its still a few months away tho



BULLANT said...

Yeah, we're still confirming an exact date with Cyco but when that's done and the venue is confirmed we plan to hit hard.