Sunday, June 24, 2007

Random Vinyl Rips

Alright got a few tracks ripped that don't really fit in a certain topic, so here's some random tracks. First is 'Word Association' by Bostons 7L & Esoteric, this track is definately available on cd but I only have the 12" and seems it's a nice track I gotta put it up. 7L & Esoteric make a dope duo, they're also members of the "super group" Army Of The Pharohs with Celph Tittled, Outer Space, Apathy, Chief Kamachi, Crypt The War Child, Planetary, King Syze, Reef The Lost Cauze, Faez One, Des Devious and Vinnie Paz which is another crazy album, infact you've got a 1 in 10 chance that you're listening to them right now on the shuffle mp3 player on the side of your screen?

I have always been a fan of Dre Dog since I was at school and heard 'Smoke Dope And Rap' from his In-A-Minute Records days. After he changed his name to Andre Nickatina I lost track of all his albums he dropped. He's also made a few with Bored Stiff's Equipto, which are dope! Anyway, I found a compilation on wax in a second hand store a year or two ago called 'Rules Of The Game' and on it is a Andre Nickatina & Equipto track called 'Blueprints Of war' not sure if this track is made for the compilation or if it's on one of their albums but it's the best track I've heard from these guys with a eerie beat and fast in and out verses.

If you've heard the 'Walk On Toes' track by Grimm, South Park Mexican, Ricksta and Lucky Luciano from the latters album, then you've heard the remade version. The original is Grimm, South Park Mexican and Mr Kee from a Black And Brown compilation, the OG.'s called 'Game Untold', I personally like the remade one better but Mr Kee's verse on this one is quality. A five verse version with them all on it would be good, also unlike the remade version the one that's up for download is at it's original speed where as the other one is slightly screwed up.

The final track is Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Rack Lo and Clinic, Clinic is an Australian artist from Brisbane, the track's called '5 Finger Discount'. It's produced by Stricknine from Class A Records which is an Australian producer and label who produced a handful of tracks from Thirstin and Racks album 'Lo Down And Dirty'. No surprize by the title this track's all about racking up from stores, good to hear another American/Australian collaboration which is getting a more and more common thing. You may have noticed we've finally changed the tracks playing on the MP3 player on the blog, We appologise to any serial visitors who heard the same 10 tracks over and over again, we'll try and change them up more often, probably won't though through lazyness.

7L & Esoteric - Word Association
Andre Nickatina & Equpto - Blueprints Of War
Grimm, South Park Mexican & Mr Kee - Game Untold
Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Rack Lo & Clinc - 5 Finger Discount


travis said...

I can't tell you how much I love these random vinyl rips....great stuff!

pimp said...

Man, that creepy! I just wrote a review for Dre Dog's album "I hate you With A Passion" and here is talked about on Streets On Beats. Dope tracks!

SKITZO said...

Got some wicked rips man...had '5 finger discount' on repeat for a half n hour...that chorus with the samples is deadly...takes me back to my rawting days...taxing shit...good to hear an ozzy on the track too...

"broke mutha fukaz they make the best crooks"

thanks for the rip...another classic