Friday, June 29, 2007

Brother Ali @ St Pauls

Brother Ali @ St Pauls
Friday 29 June 2007

Up until last night I'd never heard Brother Ali's music before but seeing as he was in town I copped a ticket to his show. A part of the reason I decided to go was to catch local rapper Damo's first ever live show and I've gotta say his set was worth half the ticket price alone. Later in the night Terra Firma came on and rocked a few tracks in anticipation for their upcoming album release. Finally Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali hit the stage and rocked a lengthy set. Brother Ali had great stage pressence and combined with meaningful lyrics I'll be sure to check out his albums in the near future. Here are just a few flix I took on the night.

Words One & Damo

Simplex (Terra Firma)

Raph A.L. (Terra Firma)

Mic Lez (Terra Firma)

Brother Ali (Rhyme Sayers)


SKITZO said...

sounds like a dope show...I haven't caught a good gig in awhile...Terra Firma are some sicc cunts...I got a few of their tunes onna compilation...I'll have to sus out Brother Ali (Rhyme Sayers)

BULLANT said...

Not sure if you know already but Terra Firma are doing a show in your city next week $15 entry for a long ass show. Will be dope.

SKITZO said...

sicc one...
I'll sus it good to see em live...
$15 bucks is pretty decent...considering the price some put on weak ass commercial gigs

cheers for the info man