Sunday, October 24, 2010

R.I.P. B-Brazy

Rest In Peace
B Brazy

Real Name: Bruce Parish
Hailing From: Inglewood, CA
Date Of Birth: 12 December 1974
Date Of Death: 9 May 2003
Cause Of Death: Shot and killed by Mexican gangmembers in Los Angeles

B Brazy was a Denver Lane Blood who appeared on the 'Bloods And Crips' project, was a member of the Damu Ridas and featured on such artists albums as The Relatives and Mack 10 .


Anonymous said...

12\12\1974 to 5-9-2003

EMVEE said...

Thanks for the dates.

Kill-A-Krip said...

B'z Up nigghu!

Anonymous said...

B bloodz what it b like fuck all wit back who is not down with damu man bip brazy(Skyline piru) from that bloodgomery,Alabama!

Anonymous said...

East Side DAMU iz wat it b all about crip killa 4 life

Anonymous said...

baby b da dawg said...

R i one of da most telented rapers to me...keep it one hun...for all da red flag'n bubba da dawg...
Tucson AZ....southside vista blood gang....

BYRDIE92120 said...

Insane undertaker Detroit blood gang. I.U.T MADE man Byrdie...20 years banging, $hot 11 times and still breathing. R.I.P. B-BRAZY, all the other fallen damu ridaz and every other red flag soldiers that lost they boots in tha mud.

BYRDIE92120 said...


el bone said...

Lane in peace b brazy. 03k 04k 06k 09k 001k hthck syck ggck wbck mgck mfgck pbgck vslck. BOOVA RICKE KRISPY KHEESE TOAST BUBBLE GUMS AVONK BPS bloooooooooooodz Jungles. Bloooood ganggk or don't banggk. Fiveshow.

el bone said...

4kgot about the bitckh ass niggas from faketeen 18k.on blooooooooooodz Jungles

Anonymous said...

Big up's Blood.... thax for la€eing me up... tought me how to Be a rider... your a O.G . To all Bloods GanGs world wide.
----- €RaB 187 ---- Do you want Roll...
Seattle Blood's B missing you R.I.P.

Sean Pimp said...

Good rapper b-brazy

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