Wednesday, February 14, 2007

R.I.P. Nini X

Rest In Peace:
Nini X
(A.K.A. Nina Ross/Bloody Mary)

Real Name: Unknown
Hailing From: Steubenville, OH / Los Angeles, CA
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Date Of Death: 19 November 2006
Cause Of Death: Nini X was riding her motorbike and unintenionally became involved in somebody elses high speed chase. Nini's bike was hit by an Escalade trying to outrun the police, and as a result she was placed into a braindead state and subsequently her life support was pulled.

Nini X released a solo album titled 'She's Dangerous' in 1994 and she was also a part of the 'Bloods & Crips' releases, also featuring on Tweedy Bird Loc's work. Nini also appeared on Assassin's 'Hitworks Vol 1' under the alias Nina Ross/Bloody Mary.

Thanks to 7-11 for bringing this tragedy to our attention, for more info you can check out Assassin's post on Street Hop and Nini X's myspace page.

Tweedy Bird Loc ft Nini X - A Hoe Is A Bitch
Bloody Mary AKA Nina Ross - Nine Double M.M. / 9MM


RipTheJacker said...

First of all, I didn't know Nini X was the same as Bloody Mary.

But damn, I wish some of these mainstream cats would bite the dust instead of 1 of the most talented female MCs...

Anonymous said...

I search Nini X She's Dangerous album but I dont meet it for download :/

BULLANT said...

@Rip, I know, it always seems to be dope underground rappers for some reason.

pimp said...

I was you guys talking about this at the blog Stricktly 4 The Gs. R.I.P.

That Nine Double M.M. / 9MM track is dope!

7-11 said...

thanx for mentioning me here. r.i.p. nini x.

dj sparkle said...

nini you will be were my homegirl all through the time i was producing tweety bird loc's 187 ride by and battlecat was admiring all of your talents..and if i remember where my dats are i will be blessing the planet with some of your unreleased heataz i alwayz , ya dogg Dj Sparkle !

Ol' Skool Danni B.'s Underworld Underground said...

R.I.P. Bloody Mary!!!