Saturday, February 17, 2007

KRS ONE (1988)

Finally got around to uploading some footage to youtube, fuck I didn't think it was gonna take 5 hours. Anyway, I'm not sure exactly what show this was taped from as I got a dub of it but the documentary it's from starts with this footage of KRS One from his BDP days in '88 and also features a short segment about people against the making of 'Colors', some footage of Kool Herc, Bambataa, some graf bits and pieces amongst a heap of other oldschool footage from 1988. I'm not sure how often I wanna be uploading shit to youtube because of the time factor but we'll try and put some more up now and then. Hope you enjoy the few minutes of KRS.


pimp said...

Kool video!

I know man, uploading shit on there takes for ever. And now they are deleteing a bunch of videos. I had videos that were posted on that site for almost a year and just with in the last mouth or so a lot of them have been deleted.

BULLANT said...

Oh man, don't tell me that shit. It better last at least a couple of months.

pimp said...

I just found out today that my acount was deleted. The fun days of youtube are over! Thats such a shame. Oh well.