Saturday, February 03, 2007

MC Mr Tink - Quest For Survival (Vinyl Rip)

I have absolutely no doubt that you can't judge the quality of an album by it's cover alone but when your digging through crates at a record store you can sort of tell what style of hip hop something is by the cover. For instance, if there is a couple of guys on the cover holding gats and the track listing looks pretty gangsta you don't have to be a genius to work out that there is a large body count tally over the dozen tracks. This doesn't mean it's gonna be a quality album but fuck it, I love that gangsta shit and will definately be trying it out. That's exactly what happened a couple of years ago when I was sussing ebay out for a rare record and came accross this interesting cover......

I bookmarked it and waited until the last second to put in my sniper bid and won the auction for a sweet fuck all. I had no idea what to expect from this album but when I finally got it and put it on it was definately worth tripple what I paid. I have never heard this guy mentioned anywhere before or after I grabbed it and I know absolutely nothing about MC Mr Tink except he's from Compton and apparently he's a part of the "Dirt Clan", whoever the fuck they are?

MC Mr Tink Vinyl Rip MP3's:
Victim Of The System
Rhymes Over Flowin'
Ball Yo Ass To The Grave


SKITZO said...

Tinks gotta mad flow...sounds like a deadly album

All the tracks gotta sick old school beat...

RHYMES OVER FLOWIN takes me back

BALL YO ASS TO THE GRAVE..with the late night pimp flute..


all real head noddin beats

BULLANT said...

Yeah, Too be honest the 3 tracks I put up are probably the best on the album. The rest of the album is still pretty deff though.

pimp said...

Those tracks dope tracks. Nice rhymes and even real dope beats. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

hey man, could you please post a bigger backcover of this album?
thanks in advance