Wednesday, February 07, 2007

For Your Bitch.... With Love

With Valentines Day only days away, we thought we'd put up a few romantic tracks for you to download, burn and put on when you and your special lady are alone on the 14th. Nothing will get your bitch in the mood like a Q Strange cut. No thanks needed guys..... we do what we can.

Q Strange - Smack That Hoe
Poison Clan - The Bitch That I Hate
Esham - Ex-Girlfriend
Insane Poetry - Til Death Do Us Part
Bushwick Bill - Dirty Bitch


RipTheJacker said...

Ohhh shit, and to think I was going to play "whoop that trick" for my girl... Jokes.

That Bushwick Bill track the same as Geto Boys-Dirty Bitch?? I can't really remember which album that's off, I want to say Foundation but Resurrection also sounds about right.

P.s- I'm still hoping you haven't forgot about my request for Memphis To The Bombed Out Bay album. You can reach me at Peace!

EMVEE1 said...

Yeah man, That is the Geto Boys track, it's off of THE FOUNDATION but coz it's a Bushwick solo we just ripped it under his name.


sure you could buy her diamonds and flowers, but what she really needs is a good old slap in the chops...that'll keep that bitch in keep your pimp hand strong fellas....and lay down some law this valentines...

cheers for the tracks boys

BULLANT said...

Haha, you're gonna make a very lucky girl so happy one day skitzo.

@Ripthejacka, I'll get at you real soon.