Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SPM - When Devils Strike

  1. At Shetoro's Crib (A Poem)
  2. The Day of Unity
  3. Garza West
  4. When Devils Strike
  5. Something About Mary
  6. SPM Diaries
  7. In My Hood
  8. Carolyns Hook
  9. Real Gangsta
  10. S.P. So Bastardly
  11. Blazin Janey
  12. If I Die
  13. Dope House Family
  14. Shout Outz
  15. Not So Freestyle
South Park Mexican's 'When Devils Strike' album has just hit the shelves after a long long wait. The name South Park Mexican can cause alot of controversy because of the bullshit charges pinned against him.Without getting into everything SPM was sentenced to 45 years in prison with no evidence for allegedly touching a 9 year old girl. Anyone who has followed the case would know that this was more about jealousy and greed on behalf of one of SPM's old partners who incidently just recently lost a civil case against him where she was trying to get money from him, anyway those who know, know. Just a day into this albums release and controversy has already arisen with an article posted in the Houston Chronicle trying to turn people off of buying the album. The funniest thing about this article are the comments made claiming that there is no way that any material on the album could of been recorded while SPM was locked up due to Texas laws, when anyone that hears any of this album can obviously tell otherwise. The article will no doubt serve as further promotion for Dope House Records.
Prison bars don't seem to stifle rapper's music
Coy's newest album is set for release today

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

Houston-based Dope House Records today plans to release the latest album for Latin rapper Carlos Coy, also known as South Park Mexican, who is currently imprisoned for molesting a 9-year-old girl in 2001.

When Devils Strike is Coy's first album release since he was sentenced to 45 years in prison four years ago.

"If people want to buy the record, well that's just a sad commentary that people are interested in what a child molester has to say," said Assistant District Attorney Denise Oncken. "He was convicted of it. The jury found that he abused a 9-year-old little girl."

Andy Kahan, Mayor Bill White's crime victims advocate, questioned whether Coy is capitalizing on his crime to make money.

"Is he using the ill-gotten notoriety or the infamy from being a convicted child molester to sell his songs?" he said. "It's American free-enterprise capitalism at its best or worst."

At the time of his conviction, prosecutors and the jury said the victim's testimony was the strongest evidence against Coy. Several other girls also testified that they had sexual relations with Coy while they were minors.

Efforts to reach Coy's victim's family for comment were unsuccessful.

Oncken said there is no way to stop Coy's family-run record company from operating.

Coy's record label recently released a free promotional 30-minute "snippets" album that sampled the music on his new CD, along with taped telephone conversations between Coy, calling collect from Harris County jail, and Dope House Records discussing the new album.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice policy prohibits inmates from using recording devices, said TDCJ spokeswoman Michelle Lyons.

"I would be very surprised if the album includes any material that was not previously recorded," Lyons said. Inmates do not have access to the Internet, and their phone time is limited. Coy is limited to one five-minute call every 90 days, she said.

"We do have some recording artists serving time in TDCJ," Lyons said. "Are they writing songs? Very possibly, but they don't have the ability to record."

Coy and family members who work at Dope House Records declined several requests for interviews. Coy and his brother, Arthur Coy Jr., launched Dope House Records in 1995.

The snippets album begins with a faux newscast claiming his innocence. The album also plants the idea that When Devils Strike contains material written and inexplicably recorded during Coy's incarceration.

Anyone who is a hardcore SPM fan such as myself would of undoubtably bought countless CD's by various artists just because of an SPM feature on a track. I pretty much thought I had them all but the other day I received a myspace message from Protext who sent me the link to a SPM mix that he had put together of mostly feature tracks. All mixed together and sounding sick, this is where I realized that there are at least 4 or 5 tracks I still need. For anyone into SPM make sure you download this mix because it is worth the megabytes and you can tell when you hear it the hours of work behind this mix.



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man they fuken hatin on spm bad style!

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aliek956 said...

i just know that i love SPM even if my husband gets mad cause im jammin his music in my car allll the time!!! im with u SPM i will always pray 4 u! <3 u

Shard said...

someone needs to reup this

Selenarose said...

Im selenarose mariscal.. and I just want to let the world know love Carlos Coy, SPM! Always will! And I gots his back for life, no matter what! I love you Los'!

AlejandroHernandez said...

Thanks, I just found this blog & i learned new things. I always knew from my heart that Carlos was innocent man that's why he is where he is, saved in the pen.

Also the Spm rarities mix link is dead. I am very curious to know whats it has so please check that out.
Thank you.