Saturday, October 28, 2006

Days Of Way Back

Rodney O & Joe Cooley along with their old silent member, General Jeff are no secret to any old west coast hip hop fan. Rodney O dropped his first record in 1986 when he paired up with Joe Cooley for the first time and was produced by the legendary Egyptian Lover. Their styles fit together perfectly and kept working together. In 1988 Rodney O & Joe Cooley went to the East where Joe Cooley entered the New Music Seminar, The final ended up being between Joe Cooley and Philly's Cash Money, apparently Cooley killed Money and lost by a single point, the crowd booed the fuck out of the judges but Joe didn't leave with the prize.
Rodney O, Joe Cooley and General Jeff returned to the west to release their debut album, 'Me & Joe' on Egyptian Empire Records', the album was a hit and the next year released 'Three The Hard Way' on Atlantic followed by 'Get Ready To Roll' on Nastymix, Jeff left just after this album which left the duo by themselves to release their first '92 album 'Fuck New York' a title aimed at dissing New York for not playing hot west coast records and also for the 'Fuck Compton' diss by Tim Dog. No doubt Joe was also still pissed about losing that battle with Cash Money in '88. Their second album of '92 saw Rodney O & Joe replace the General with Pookie Duke for their new record under their new name 'Tha Hitmen' called 'Here Come Tha Hitmen'. Rodney O released a solo in '97 called 'What You Gotta Say' thats not too bad but they came back in '98 together with 'The Final Chapter' but unfortunately this wasn't quite on the same level as their last albums and their 2000 album 'Veterenz Day' was worse still. They recently dropped a 'Presents' album called 'Summer Heat' that has a crazy Rodney O & Joe Cooley track on it featuring Young Maylay (of GTA San Andreas fame) called 'Ride, Swerve, Slide' that is back to their best, I'd love to hear another album come out with that early 90's gangsta funk style too, an Insane Poetry feature would also be good.

Somewhere along there they released the rarely mentioned E.P. titled 'Days Of Way Back', unfortunately the cover, like most of their albums doesn't have year printed on it but I'm pretty confident it came out in '93. This has 6 of their early tracks including the 1986 'Your Chance To Rock' debut track on it. We never post up full albums on this blog although this once I'm puting the whole thing up for the simple fact that it's all been mixed and scratched into each other by Joe Cooley and the Egyptian Lover and a couple of tracks would be too much of a tease to any Rodney O & Joe Cooley fan that may not have heard this.

..::Rodney O & Joe Cooley::..
...:::The Days Of Way Back:::...

Everlasting Bass
DJ's And MC's
Your Chance To Rock
This Is For The Homies
Super Cuts
Give Me The Mic
Mixed By Joe Cooley & The Egyptian Lover


Anonymous said...

yeah theese guys are highly underrated fuck new york is a start to finish classic!

Anonymous said...

wat do u guys rekn is there best album?

BULLANT said...

For me it's 'Get Ready To Roll' with 'Fuck New York' not too far behind. That's when they peaked with the best beats and hardest lyrics, those Psycho verses just add to it.

Tha Hitmen is up there too, haha, add that to my list.

What about yours Ben??

travis said...

nice, I'm going to have to get my Rodney O & Joe Cooley collection straight and see what I'm missing

Anonymous said...

ive only got me n joe and three the hard way, so ima hav 2 peep those others mos def... peace ben

BULLANT said...

Definately, those two are a world away from 'Get Ready..." , "Fuck NY" and "Tha Hitmen". If you have a problem finding them hit me up.

EMVEE1 said...

'Get Ready To Roll' closely followed by 'Here Come Tha Hitmen' for me.

It was good to read a few months back that Rodney O and Joe did a show alongside Insane Poetry- would of loved to have been there.

pimp said...

Fuck NY is dope. It's got some real good beats on it.

travis said...

I was always partial to "Get Ready To Roll", it was the only one I had for the longest time.

Broky said...

I was looking for this one. The link is death though..well it's from 2006 so not that strange. Can somebody please re-up it? Thanks a lot.