Saturday, July 15, 2006

Flashblacks From The East 2

Kool Moe Dee - Little Jon

It's hard to name what one of Kool Moe Dee's albums is the best although 'How Ya Like Me Now' would definately be up there, but I'd probably go with his debut solo self titlted release. It has his two most famous tracks on it with 'Go See The Doctor' and 'Monster Crack' on it but it also has the dope 'Little Jon' track on it. It's the story of a guy who gets into the life of crime and ends up being just another number on the homicide victims list. It has good lyrics as you can expect from Moe Dee and great production. I'm surprised that this track didn't get as much props as the others. You have to give respect to this guy after drilling Busy Bee at Harlem World in '80 and being a huge part of one of the earliest groups to drop an album. Not to mention being half of one of the dopest battles ever with LL.

Doctor Ice - The Mic Stalker
As with the Kool Moe Dee album, Doctor Ice's 'Mic Stalker' is also on Jive records. Doctor Ice is a member of Flat Bush New Yorks U.T.F.O. Although this album isn't on the same level as a couple of U.T.F.O.'s albums like 'Doin It' (although burns the 'Lethal' album) it does have some nice tracks including 'Sue Me', 'Bass Up Bass Down' and my favourite, the title track 'The Mic Stalker' which is the track I've chucked up here for download. The entire album is produced by the Full Force but I guess if you're a U.T.F.O. fan that wont come as a surprise to you. It does miss the incredible scratching of Mix Master Ice. With a name like 'The Mic Stalker' you'd think it would be a more hardcore artist behind it.

D Nice - Time To Flow
This one's from the follow up to 'Call Me D Nice', 'D Nice To Tha Rescue'. The album itself is pretty sick with features from the Oakland pimp, Too $hort, KRS One and Naughty By Nature who appear on the track I have put up, 'Time To Flow'. It's probably the fastest paced track on the album and nine times out of ten thats what I'm looking for in a track. As I'm not a hardcore D Nice fan, other than the two albums I just mentioned he dropped and the verse on the 'Stop The Violence' anti drug and gang track, I don't really know a hell of a lot about what he got up to since this '91 album which by the way is also on Jive. With the help of Thirstin Howl III, I remember that there was his fight that Scott La Rock was trying to break up that D Nice was in that got Scott killed.

YZ - Crocodile Dundee
For some reason Anthony Depula, better known as Tony D who dropped that incredible 'Droppin Funky Verse' doesn't seem to really get the respect he deserves by alot of people. He has worked with artists like DJ Muggs, King Sun, Poor Rightous Teachers and of course this guy, YZ who dropped his E.P. in '91 after the 'Sons Of The Father' album was released a year earlier. It features 'When The Road Is Covered In Snow', 'Taggin It Up', 'Thinking Of A Master Plan Remix (Instrumental)', 'Mixel Plic Remix', 'Go Yz' and the track I put for download, 'Crocodile Dundee' which is my favourite track off this. It's in typical Tony D style who is also the guy that got an out of court settlement with fellow Jersey artists, Naughty By Nature who ganked a sample for the 'O.P.P.' hit way back in the early '90's.

Fat Boys - Rock Ruling
In days where commercial hip hop is all about some wack gimmick like a platnum grill in your teeth or bragging that you sat there while someone unloaded nine bullets into you etc, you have to look back to the good old days where your gimmick was a shell toe sneaker, a clock around your neck and in these guys case, being fat. Formally known as the Disco 3, love them or hate them, no one can deny that in the mid to late 80's they were at the forefront of east coast hip hop. Just look at the fact that they were in 'Krush Groove' and 'Disorderlies', sold millions of records and pretty much killed their own careers by doing tracks with Chubby Checker ('The Twist') and 'Wipe Out' with the Beach Boys. After this fad was over, so were they. Prince Markie Dee tried a solo career that went nowhere and of course the Human Beat Box, Buffy, died while entertaining friends. They definately left their mark in hip hop and I've put up 'Rock Ruling' from their 'Crushin' album for you to hear.

Kool Moe Dee - Little Jon
Doctor Ice - The Mic Stalker
D Nice (Ft. Naughty By Nature) - Time To Flow
YZ - Crocodile Dundee
Fat Boys - Rock Ruling


travis said...

Oh yeah, this is my area of love! Got all these, but all are good. I've always had some sort of weird love for that Doctor Ice album for some odd reason (gotta put him on some of the WYDU series, thanks for reminding me)

Anonymous said...

Good post! I like that D-Nice song.

Polarity said...

Word, that Doctor Ice album is dope! The title track is probably the best one on there although I always liked that Chillologist joint a lot too for some reason. Peace.

BULLANT said...

For sure.

jonboy said...

been after that crocodile dundee track for years.

for some reason i thought it was by the ppor righteous teachers.

guess thats why i couldn't find it