Sunday, April 30, 2006

Review: Eazy E - Impact Of A Legend

Artist: Eazy E
Album: Impact Of A Legend
Year: 2002
Label: Ruthless Records

One of the most important, influencial figures in hip hop history, Eric Wright not only left behind his family, friends and millions of fans on the 26th of March 1995, but also a hip hop scene that has never been quite the same since. A lot of people try and diss Eazy for different reasons but the truth is if Eric didn't use his Coke cash to start Ruthless then hundreds and hundreds of todays rappers would not be around today, you only have to look at the N.W.A. tree to see that, and then add all the rappers who came up from listening to Eazy-Duz-It and Straight Outta Compton.

Seven years after Eazy died from aids his label who has since been run by his widow Tomica Wright released a new E.P. with unreleased verses featuring new Ruthless artists called "Impact Of A Legend". This came out with a little Eazy comic book, a p.c. game and a dope DVD with interviews of Eazy on B.O.X. and Arsenio, footage of his funeral, Eazy videos and a time line of other Ruthless video's amongst plenty of other quality footage.

The CD itself starts off with an intro before going into "Eazy 1, 2, 3" that starts off with a dope Eazy verse followed by equally as good verses by Phalos Mode and Loesta before Eazy and Phalos return with a second verse each and ends with some scratching by DJ G.L.E.

Next is "Cock The Nine" that features Loco S.A.B., Phalos Mode, and The Genie another mad track although the hook at the end of the track goes a little too long. This is followed by "Switchez" which is the single from this release. It starts off with the same Eazy verse as the one he does on Mack 10's "The Recipe" on "Get Yo Ride On" featuring Mack and MC Eiht, but this version features the impressive Roc Slanga, the track is crazy. Next up is a little pointless skit called "The Rev" it takes up a minute of your life that you ain't getting back. It gets straight back into it with "No More Tears" that features Sacraphyce (Pich Black), Phalos Mode and The Genie and "Ruthless Life" featuring Loesta and Cashish from (Intense Hustlers). The final and 8th track on this is "Still Fuckem" that has a incredible beat and an equally incredible verse from Eazy that was recorded just before he passed away, the track also features The Genie , Paperboy and Phalos Mode.

Rhythm D

Other than Paperboy I had never heard of any of the featured rappers on this E.P. but was impressed with every single verse by every artist on it and wouldn't hesitate to pick up albums by any of them. The production is flawless from start to finish all done by Rythm D who was signed by Eazy himself and has also produced for W.C., Mack 10 and Paper Boy. The only things that would have been better is if they left off the skit and put a few more tracks on it. I read that Tomica has plenty of other unreleased verses by Eazy that will probably never see the light of day which in my opinion is pretty wack to all his fans that fiend on hearing that unique voice rhyming over some gangsta beats. At least his legacy can live on with the prince of Compton Eric Wright Jr Lil' E. At the end of the day it comes down to this, if you like Eazy you'll love this if not........

Eazy E - Eazy 1, 2, 3
Eazy E - Switchez

Rating: 4 Daytons out of 5

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