Friday, April 28, 2006

Battle On Wax: Random Disses 3

Cool C - Boogie Down Productions got fame from dissing the Juice Crew, and Hilltop Hustler Cool C must have thought it was a nice idea because in '89 he came out with the single "Juice Crew Dis" (also on the "I Gotta Habit" LP) where Cool C disses the Queens Bridge posse. You can't help but shake your head as he disses MC Shan because he sounds like he's biting his style with an almost identical voice. Unfortunately in the near future Cool C will most probably be executed for the murder of a female cop in Philly while robbing a bank, he was supposed to be executed on the 9th of March but had the date set back.

DJ Quik - This is that classic Everlast diss track, 'Can't Fuck Wit A Nigga' by Compton's Quik, JFN and KK from the 'Menace To Society' soundtrack. This was sort of a side diss to Quik's battle with Compton Crip MC Eiht. I'm not 100% sure whats behind Quik's beef With former Rhyme Syndicate member Everlast, but I read somewhere that the House Of Pain member was on a DJ Muggs mixtape where he said "Who's that trick, known as Quik? making me sick, like strawberry Nestle' Quik". I'm not sure if there was ever a return diss to Quik by Everlast or not.

KRS One - I'm sure pretty much every one has heard this direct diss to St. Louis pop artist Nelly, but I had to stick it on here anyway. It's probably one of the better KRS tracks Iv'e heard him do in a while as I'm not much of a KRS fan since 'Return Of The Boom Bap' (although he still has some gems since that). KRS will always be a hip hop legend and one of the most feared rappers in a diss fest. Nelly will just go down as another Kris diss victim.

E-40 - This track starts off reinacting a Rasheed Wallace interview where he said that he is into real hip hop and dissed E-40 and the Goodie Mob. The track is also directed to AZ for saying that 40 doesn't deserve to sell records. This track kills them off, pure dopeness from one of the most original MC's of all time. The Vallejo king E-40 has just dropped another album,'My Ghetto Report Card' which features alot of Lil Jon production. Unfortunately he has dropped off since early releases such as 'Federal' and 'Mail Man'.

Willie D - This is Willie D's revenge track on female MC Choice who released 'Stick-N-Move' on Rap-A-Lot and dissed D. The inevitable happened, Lil' J dumped Choice (never to be heard of since) and Willie D made this track called 'Little Hooker'. He released it on the 'I'm Goin Out Lika Soldier' album. Lines like "Next time you wanna wear hot shorts, Get rid of those god damn stretch marks, Coz you ain't no looker....... You lil' arse hooker" are the more tame ones on the track, he gets pretty ruthless on it. Willie D is undoubtably one of the most brutal MC's alive and is definitely a rapper you don't want to get in beef with in or out of the studio, ask Melle Mel about his boxing game...

Cool C - Juice Crew Dis
DJ Quik - Can't Fuck Wit A Nigga
KRS One - Over Here
E 40 - Record Haters
Willie D - Little Hooker


Anonymous said...

Man, That song "Little Hooker" kicks ass. I can get enough of that shit.

travis said...

I always liked these "Random Disses" columns you guys do. Hip Hop was built on competition and competition leads to beef sometimes. Real beef, not this fake gimmicky shit that goes on now.

I think that line Everlast said was also on "Word is Bond" from one of the HOP albums (I could be wrong, I'm too lazy to look it up right now.) I know I've heard the line before, and I never had any of the Muggs mixtapes.

Animal Chin said...

Everlast dissed Quik with that 'makes me sick' line on a TV show that used to come on "The Uptown Comedy Hour" way back in 92-93. thats how the beef started.

BULLANT said...

Thanks to Travis I listened to the House Of Pain album and found the track. It's on 'Shamrocks And Shanadigans'

"The House Of Pain is the name of my click,
You can't bend down punk get off my dick,
You make me sick like strawberry quik,
Your style is wack, You ain't the mack,
So yo step back, Get off the crack,
And sing a new tune like boom shalock lock boom"

Man, I feel embarressed even writing these wack simple rhymes, I can't believe that the former $yndicate rapper had the nerve to rap this.

I wonder what happened to start this shit?

Animal Chin said...

yea i remember that song, but the beef didnt start until after that performance, he changed the lyric from strawberry to DJ Quik. then quik came back with Can't fuck Wit a Nigga on the menace ii society soundtrack

BULLANT said...

So what caused the beef from the start?

animal chin said...

there wasnt no beef until Everlast dissed him on TV.

BULLANT said...

He must have dissed him for a reason though, even if it was over some toy shit.

Beedi-smoker said...

Quik dissed Everlast again on the OG version of Let You Havit from Safe + Sound. Something about shoving bagpipes up his ass and that's why he Jump Around.

Ryan J. Downey said...

Cypress Hill had some sort of beef with Quik at the time. House of Pain was part of Soul Assassins clique, so Everlast was just having their back. He changed the line from Strawberry Quick to DJ Quik not just in that TV performance but also in a remix of Shamrocks & Shenanigans, which was a b-side to that single.

Quik responded with the Menace II Society track, which Everlast did in fact answer, with a few lines in the song "I'm A Swing It" on House Of Pain's second album:

"I'm not the man but I asked you, 'Who was it?'
Quik's got the hairdo just like Ruth Buzzi
Runnin' 'round town like ya' been to jail, son
But ya hit the swap meet to get your hair and your nails done
Get off my sac cause your shit is wack
Ya' diss me and I'm a diss ya' back"

I believe Danny Boy dissed Quik as well in another song on the second HOP album, "On Point" (which was the single):

"It's a Black day of rest, Quik run get your vest
I'm down with the Hill Cause I still got the skill"

"Black day of rest" is definitely a reference to Cypress Hill's Black Sunday album. He could just be saying "quick run get your vest" but I've always assumed it to mean Quik, given the time period.