Friday, February 10, 2006

R.I.P. J Dilla

Rest In Peace:
J Dilla aka Jay Dee (Slum Village)

Real Name: James Yancy
Hailing From: Detroit, MI.
Born: February 7 1974
Died: February 10 2006
Cause of Death: Died after a long battle with kidney problems

Slum Village - Fantastic, Vol. 1 (1996)
Slum Village - Fantastic, Vol. 2 (2000)
Jay Dee - Welcome to Detroit (2001)
J Dilla - The Rough Drafts (2003)
Jaylib (J Dilla/ Madlib) - Champion Sound (2003)
J Dilla - Donuts (2006)

J Dilla was responsible for the production of many artists material including Slum Village, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, Proof, Chino XL and countless others.

Slum Village - I Don't Know


Mortalthoughtz said...

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LeanSippa said...

R.I.P. Jay Dee

ps: keep up the good work with ya blog...
SPC 4 LIFE in this