Thursday, February 09, 2006

Review: O.F.T.B. - Straight Up Watts

Artist: O.F.T.B.
Album: Straight Up Watts
Year: 1992
Label: Big Beat Records

Obviously by the title and the towers on the cover you can tell these guys are from Watts CA, the same place as Kam and the Watts Gangstas. The group consists of Flipside, Low M.B. and Bus Stop. You can tell how mad this is the second this album starts with the track 'Criminal At Large' with mad scratches over a siren, the lyrics are fast and hard as is the beat. You can tell that this is gonna be one of those crazy gems in the crate right from the start (This is also available on picture cover wax).

The next two tracks, 'Watts Life' and 'The Land I Roam' are about life from where they're from and are good tracks, especially the first. The next track 'Slangin' Dope' that starts off with a "Scarface" sample and has Richard Pryor samples throughout, the beats sick and so are the raps that makes this one of the albums best tracks. Track five starts off with a snippet of N.W.A.'s straight Outta Compton before the needle skips over the record to begin ' I Ain't From Compton' where they diss N.W.A. for being fake gangstas and Compton for being soft compared to Watts, deff track.

Next are 'From Jackin' To Rappin', On In The Projects' and their sex track ' Ride Dat Monkey', all good tracks. The next track 'Poverty Stricken' is obviously about being broke and has mad samples for the breaks and has nice rhymes and 'Don't Fuck Wit My Bizness' is another gem with fast paced lyrics warning everyone to stay out of their shit.

'Blacks Divided By Tracks' is alright but ' Not For The Pop Charts' is mad, dissing all sellout rappers that go pop to get on the radio this track has another mad beat as does pretty much the entire album and the last track 'O.F.T.B.' (which by the way stands for Operation From The Bottom) is my least favourite from this 13 track album.

Pretty much to sum this album up, if you're not into gangsta rhymes for God knows what reason then chances are you'll probably hit the stop button about 30 seconds in, but if your into this type of hip hop then you'll fuckin' love it. The tracks range from good to incredible and most tracks have nice scratches and samples and dope beats with production from Tee K.O. and Brian G and the executive producer is Greg "Greedy Greg" Jesse.

I haven't heard much about these guys other than this album, a feature on 'Justice For The Hood' off of fellow Watts group Juvenile Comittee's 'Free Us Colored Kids' album from '93, a couple of tracks on Death Row soundtracks (were signed by Suge Knight but no album was released) and the 'O.F.T.B. Presents - Return Of The West' compilation (1998 Flat Broke Entertainment) that features four O.F.T.B. tracks, Juvenile Comittee have a track under a different name as well as plenty of other nice tracks and they were also on Ice T's 'Gotta Lotta Love' video in '93.

O.F.T.B. - Criminal At Large
O.F.T.B. - Slangin' Dope
O.F.T.B. - Don't Fuck Wit My Bizness

Rating: 4 and a half Daytons out of 5


travis said...

Wow, you keep finding albums that I forgot about years ago.

Poortmans said...

Can you post this album??