Friday, February 03, 2006

Fear Of A Black Hat

In '93, the same year that the Chris Rock classic CB4 came out, Rusty Cundieff wrote, directed and was the main star in the funny-as-fuck hip hop film 'Fear Of A Black Hat'. Rusty played the role of 'Ice Cold' and also did all his own raps for all the tracks to the movie and soundtrack. He also wrote, directed and starred in 'Tales From THe Hood' the next year and has been in a couple of episodes of the Chappelle Show amongst other things. The other two members of the group N.W.H. (Niggas With Hats) in the movie were Tone Deff played by Mark Christopher Lawrence and the Eazy E resembled Tasty Taste that was played by Larry B. Scott, the guy that played a Tri-Lam gay in the 'Revenge Of The Nerds' movies as Lamar Latrell (a slight difference from the the little hardcore gangsta rapper in Black Hat).

If anyone reading this has never seen the movie It's well worth a watch or twenty, in my opinion it's better than CB4 although many disagree. It has been released on dvd with plenty of bonus features from interviews to videos.

Below is a interview with the members of N.W.H. in character from the February '93 issue of 'Rap Pages' before the movie came out. and a few MP3's that I could scrounge up, unfortunately my favourite track 'Fuck The Security Guard' is missing in the rack somewhere so I couldn't put it up, but i'm sure if your a fan of the movie you'll enjoy these tracks.

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N.W.H. - Booty Juice
N.W.H. - Gangstas Life
N.W.H. - Just A Human Being
N.W.H. - Grab Yo Stuff

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