Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Down With The Kings

My first hip hop tape I ever bought was Public Enemy's Nation Of Millions, obviously I fuckin' loved the shit which led to my obsession of rap. It wasn't long until I grabbed my second and third, Run DMC's "Raising Hell" and "Tougher Than Leather". I cranked Run DMC hard for the first half of the '90's and although I still love those classic albums I don't listen to them that often anymore. That "Crown Royal" piece of shit that the label put out with old DMC verses put a bad taste in my mouth along with what i've seen from Rev Run in the last couple of years.

As far as what Run DMC have done for hip hop, it's a never ending list, from being the first rap group to perform at Live Aid, first rap group to have a video played on MTV, recording with a rock group, that whole Adidas in the air shit definately changed the game forever, showing the world the success a full rap album can have and just making young kids want to start rapping which is probably the most important thing. That was just a few things that came to mind and there's no need for me to say anything else, you know who they are and what they've done.

The unfortunate thing about the Hollis, Queens legends is that DMC has problems with his voice due to all his hard rapping into the mic over the years, the former "Son Of Kurtis Blow" Run always had an ego but back in the '80's you could get away with it like Moe Dee but as hip hop got bigger so did his ego and last of all the back bone of the group was killed in his studio.

I bought a couple of discs off of a guy on ebay the other day who chucked in a couple of freebies, one of them was a Clee & Drank-A-Lot album that features a tribute track to Run DMC's "It's Tricky". This made me think of a couple of other Run DMC tribute tracks and gave me the idea to chuck them on here along with an old interview from 'Record Mirror' magazine from February '87.

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Run DMC - Down With The King
Gangsta Pat - My Gators
Spice 1 - Sucka Ass Niggas
Clee & Drank-A-Lot - Trickin'

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