Friday, February 24, 2006

Battle On Wax: Random Disses

Sweetenlo - In '94 Ohio rapper Sweetenlo released his second album 'Compton Killa'. I'm not sure whats behind his sudden diss to Compton other than maybe trying to cash in on the whole South Bronx -vs- Compton shit? Either way the track is dope and he's the only rapper I know of that actually dissed Tweedy Bird Loc. I have an album by female rapper First Star called 'My Grip Is Like A Cobra' that is produced by Sweetenlo along with two incredible features by Sweetenlo himself. For a while I thought he was murdered in a L.A. hotel execution style with two hookers but as it turns out the story was all wrong and it was a member of female rap duo 'Sweet N Lo' that was murdered. Sweetenlo has a new album coming soon titled "Don't Let The Look Fool You". You can check out his official website at

(Article courtesy of Batel)

Insane Poetry - In '95 React Records released a 12" with a Rodney O & Joe Cooley track on the A side and Insane Poetry's 'You Better Ask Somebody' on the B side that was meant to be on their forthcoming album 'Aint Got No Brain Cells'. Although that album never came out, 'Blacc Plague' was released with the track 'You Better Ask Somebody 96' on it. It's a completely different track to the original with Psycho and Pope both dissing Rodney O. Apparently for some shady business on contracts, see Interview with Cyco in the blog archives for more info.

Tony D - Tony D, the mad oldschool rapper and producer of artists such as Poor Righteous Teachers dropped the 'Droppin' Funky Verses' album in 1991. On the CD and tape versions of this release the final track on the album is called 'Shoe Polish' (as usual vinyl heads miss out). On the track he disses 3rd Bass from the start to finish. The disses were about their looks, their raps, their status in the hip hop scene and more. Tony D closes out the track with a bit of dialogue where he continues to diss 'em, saying that 3rd Bass were signed to Def Jam as replacement white rappers because of the Beastie Boys leaving the label.

(Tony D with the posse)

Tweedy Bird Loc -No stranger to the diss game, on Tweedy's '187 Ride By' album he dissed Tim Dog, Krs, D Nice, The whole South Bronx, Eazy, Ren, Dre, Yella, and Tarrie B. On his second album 'No Holds Barred' he continued the trend with a couple more disses. One of those was directed at Queen Latifah as a reply to her track 'Who You Callin' A Bitch'. Right or wrong it's a hell track with some funny lines (be warned, if your a big Latifah fan you may not like this track). MC Lyte feels Tweedy's wrath on the track as well.

Misc? - To be completely honest I hadn't heard of Misc? until I heard this album, so I have no idea about their history (aside from the fact they hail from LA) and what is behind their hatred for Dr Dre. But, as far as I can gather, the "Fuck Dre" diss off of the "In My City" album came as a result of Misc? getting fucked around in business by Dre. On the track Dre gets dissed both as a business man and as a rapper, Misc? clearly let the listeners know what they think of Dr Dre.


Sweetenlo - Compton Killa
Insane Poetry - You Better Ask Somebody 96
Tony D - Shoe Polish
Tweedy Bird Loc Ft 4Clips - I'm Calling You A Bitch
Misc? - Fuck Dre (And Aftermath)


travis said...

nice post. some funny shit.

Anonymous said...

Man, that Tweedy Bird Loc track was crazy! Thats a fuckin' hardcore diss. It's kind of low though. Talkin' shit about a female rapper like that. I still enjoyed it though, I can't lie.

As for that Compton killa shit. Its kind of wack. I mean I enjoyed it, but it was just some fool trying to copy my man Tim Dog. Even though he said that he was down with Tim Dog. So, its ok I guess. I like how he added a CMW and Tweedy Bird Loc diss in there though. But they should of left Ice Cube out of it. I'm not the biggest Ice Cube fan but still he is kool. He had a good solo solo career.

Thank man. I enjoyed this.

BULLANT said...

Thanks, I checked out your blog but I couldn't find your other blog you mentioned you had??

Post up your links here if your keen?