Monday, November 28, 2005

Review: KMC - 3 Men With The Power Of 10

Album:Three Men With The Power Of Ten
: 1991

: Priority

KMC are from L.A. and the group consists rappers Tee Thee O.G., Rocc The Jock and DJ Poison Ivey who also produced some of the tracks. This was KMC's (Kaotic Minds Curruptin) only album I know of although I know there are another couple of groups with the same name, one of them is "KMC Cru" from Michigan and the other is a wack dance group from who cares where. They were a part of the Nightbreed click with Insane Poetry, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, General Jeff, D.A.L, Shakespere "The One Man Riot" and Evil 1. There first appearence they did was on MCM's "X-Maz-N-The-Hood" just before they released this one.

This album starts off with the title track and it's a good track but compared with whats to come it's just average. The next tracks are def "Lyrical Tournament" which is pretty much 3 minutes and 23 seconds of continuous rapping about dissing wack M.C.'s (other than a brief break to let Poison Ivey cut it up) and "Approachin A Threat" with some of those early 90's samples I love for the hook, but when you get up to track 4 the album steps up a few notches with a tough job picking your favourite track,"Avalanche" (full of crazy scratchin'), "Terrifying Tracks" which has one of the strangest beats you'll hear and then "Murder". It's hard to put this group in a catagory because they're not horror rap but have some horror lyrics and there not gangstas but have a gangsta sort of style to them?

KMC's style is pretty original with both of there voices cutting in and out of each others continuously through the album with "Black Rock & Ron" being the closest group that they resemble to me but about fifty times harder. Track 7,"The Streets Are The Battlefield" is a dope track about all the drama that goes on in there neighbourhood. All the remaining tracks are all sick,"2 In 1" that has a faster tempo than most of the album, "Gangstas" thats rapped as a point of view of an outsider looking at the life of a gangbanger that end with death, "Grim Reaper" is also def and "Living In The Ghetto" is the slowest track on it with a look at the unfair treatment of blacks by cops. The final track is "No Title For This" that features Drew Rock a.k.a Psycho from Insane Poetry, and this track is fucking incredible.

Overall I could have chosen pretty much any track off "Three Men With The Power Of Ten" to put up as MP3's and if you download the two and like them I suggest you hit ebay up for a copy as they go pretty cheap from time to time. If you like fast beats, fast lyrics and that early 90's west coast scratching and samples, you'll love this one.

KMC ft Drew Rock (Psycho from Insane Poetry) – No Title For This
KMC - Terrifying Tracks

Rating: 5 Daytons out of 5


bill said...

Is that the same group that Nat the Cat mention on Ice T Original Gangster song Fly By?

BULLANT said...

I never noticed him mention that until your comment,I listened to it but can't make sense of what he means. As far as I know Nat The Cat and KMC have nothing to do with each other??? It makes you think though??

bronkulator said...

niiiice. grim reality has been a favorite of mine since it came out, always wanted to hear some of the connected groups but never got around to it til now. thanks!

emdee said...

I have on tape Gangster
Crew Posse Syndicate - "Are You Down With Me Nigga"
whether someone knows this

emdee said...

Gangster Crew Posse Syndicate

emdee said...

Gangster Crew Posse Syndicate
RipTape 2

EMVEE1 said...

Thanks for posting up those tracks!!
The first track is sick, I've never heard of them before - do you know much about them? Like where they're from, what they released etc?

emdee said...

Gangster Crew Posse Syndicate
RipTape 3

Anonymous said...

This was one of my favorite albums when I was in Jr High, it's pretty hardcore and they barley even swear. There was actually one track released after this album called "Psycho" it is featured on a Priority Records compliation titled Straight from the Hood. Psycho is by far their sickest track, Poison Ivey cuts up an LL Cool J sample "Maniac Psycho" from Mama Said Knock You Out.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of someone putting that "Psycho" track link on here???

Anonymous said...

yo bullant! love your work son! swayzee.

BULLANT said...

Crazeee Swayzeee....
"The GOLDFINGER King"!!!!

Urban420 AKA Bluntedout247 said...

I think I was the only person in NYC with this album