Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Review: Parental Advisory - My Life, Your Entertainment

Artist : Parental Advisory
Album : My Life, Your Entertainment
Year : 2000
Label : Dream Works Records/ SKG Music

Parental Advisory are Big Reese, Mello and K.P., the trio come from one of the most diverse cities for hip hop - Atlanta, Georgia. Parental Advisory's debut album "Ghetto Street Funk " was released in 1993 and although it had little success they returned in 1998 and released the album "Straight No Chase" which featured the memorable "Dope Stories" track. "My Life, Your Entertainment" was released 2 years later and the album includes features from Eightball, Goodie Mob and Pimp C of UGK.
The beats on this album range from good to incredible and it is no surprise as P.A. are renowned for their quality production and they have produced a whole bunch of artists including Outkast and Goodie Mob. The rapping is impressive as well, apart from a couple of tracks that really aren't my style ("Sundown" and "Just Like That") the rest of the tracks are either good or better. Even the 2 tracks I don't like aren't that bad, I don't fault the rapping I just don't like the hooks. The best tracks are "U Got We Got", "Somethin' 2 Ride 2", "Problems", "My Time 2 Go" and my personal favourite - a remix of "Dope Stories" featuring Noreaga, Pimp C and Big Gipp.
Overall this is a quality album but a part from the tracks I mentioned the other tracks don't really grab my attention. Also, I've never been a fan of useless skits that ruin the flow of an album and on this album I always make sure I skip "Handcuffin'" and "Entertainment". That said, the album is well worth picking up if you like southern hip hop. Once again Atlanta comes through with another diverse group and another good album.

Parental Advisory ft.Noreaga, Pimp C & Big Gipp - Dope Stories (Remix)

Rating: 3 Daytons out of 5


Chauncey said...

nice blog
megaupload sucks though
peace from yo capital territory

Anonymous said...

do you have Straight No Chase?

BULLANT said...

Only on wax,I wanted to review it and put that "Dope Stories" O.G. as the MP3. Its a fuckin' nice album.